Gifts of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is just a farmer's market away. Come fill your baskets and future bellies with a beautiful array of produce, pies and pastries for which your farmers and guests will be infinitely grateful.

Thanksgiving Orders

Pastries and Pies
We have all your favorites for baked goods back this Sunday- Le Datte Patisserie, Indie Cakes, Milk Glass Baking, Octoberfeast, and all the ingredients to make some great baked goods yourself. Indie Cakes & Pastries will be taking orders for Thanksgiving pies this Sunday at the market.  Mini Pumpkin & Maple Pecan pies, including gluten free ones, will be available.  Please stop by their booth and sample their delectable pies.

What's a Thanksgiving table without a centerpiece? Pick up some rich autumnal organic flowers from Thomas Farm this Sunday to serve as the connecting glory for your table. You'll find much still blooms in this chillier seaon including anemones, tulips, ranunculus, sweet williams, sweet peas, freesia and so much more.

Oasis Dates
Our newest vendor, Oasis Organic Dates, will be joining us this weekend. They will be bringing you the only source for freshly harvested organic dates in the Bay Area. Oasis' unique line up includes Extra Fancy Medjools,  Deglet Noors, Black Kaisab & Kway and Date Coconut rolls. They also make Date Walnut bars and a Chocolate Date truffle (which is featured in the picture below). And even better, they are bringing my absolute favorite date - the hard to find Barhi date. Also called Honeyball date, Barhis are so soft and sweet in texture they just melt in the mouth.  Ask for samples at their booth!

Lastly, don't forget that we'll still be here the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Come restock your pantry shelves and refrigerators with your family of farmers.
Happy Thanksgiving all! See you at the market.
Chris Hall
Your Market Manager (AKA El Jefe)

Food Fun: Persimmon Pear Cake

A picture can say a thousand words. . .or a recipe. This cake combines two of fall's highlights - persimmons and pears. Find a link to the recipe and blog here or read the image below.

Kickin' The Mule Trio

Our favorites, Patty and Macy of Kickin' the Mule, will kick up some bluesy tunes this Sunday.
Cookbook Swap and Raffle Basket
Holiday stress? Holiday blues? Worried about topping the amazing holiday meal you made last year? Check out a new recipe book for a little inspiration and tummy fulfillment. During November and December we will continue our cookbook swap. This time of year is a great opportunity to reshuffle your cookbooks and spark a few good ideas. All you have to do is bring a book to share to the market table and then pick out a new book to take home. You'll also have the opportunity to win a big raffle basket!

Persimmon Off: Hachiya versus Fuyu

They look slightly similar, but bite into an unripe Hachiya and you'll instantly regret your persimmon ignorance. The Hachiya persimmon (left) is heart-shaped, and when ripe has a very sweet, soft flesh colored red or bright orange. Highly tannic, an unripe Hachiya will leave a fuzzy taste in the mouth. However, when the fruit melts like pudding in the hand it is sweet, slightly sticky, fairly fragile and very aromatic. The Fuyu persimmon (right) is squat like a little pumpkin and eaten when firm. It's flesh has an apple crispness and holds brown, inedible seeds.
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