Kensington Farmers' Market - Kids Day!
Kensington Farmers Market

Kids and farmers make the world go round

This Sunday we have the extraordinary South-African folk singer Suzanne Holland (more below), with some very special songs for kids. The Kensington Fire Truck will also be there along with some magic for kids! Sign-up for kids to be 'Farmer for a Day' while you enjoy our selection of organic produce, healthy sample snacks and great hot food. And, as always, a few surprises are in store!

The Kensington Farmer's Market is for the kid in all of us. Don't miss it!

Sunday from 10AM to 2PM at the Colusa Circle - rain or shine!

Locally Yours,
Chris Hall
Kensington Farmers' Market

More about Suzanne Holland (from the Leonard Cohen Files)
Suzanne Holland, especially for those of my generation who lived through those times, effortlessly embodies and generates warm memories of the ‘Flower children,’ the Rainbow Family, and the early days of Cohen. She is authentic, both as a reminder of that era, and as a person. A completely sincere woman, she is someone who truly appreciates the real beauty in life, the smell of vanilla in someone‘s hair; the sound a squirrel makes. Though herself unseeing, with what we call ‘eyesight,’ her spirit exudes the sensitivity and mystical spirituality, associated with her Sixties personae. A great visual for us, with her vivid, long dresses; sleek, flowing hair; ‘statement‘ pieces of jewelry adorning her body; and beatifical, loving expression, knows how to dress with the look that best suits her. I had heard so much about her, and then there she was, both sounding and looking glorious, her fluidity of ‘being’ repeated in the flow and lilt of her waltz-like music and voice.

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