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Good Afternoon Dear Customers

As we write this the sun is shining outside our window and the idea of a wee glass of something delicious seems like a great idea (maybe a cocktail? Yes, we would definitely appreciate a cocktail).

If you too fancy a tasty tipple, then read on for a double handful of suggestions. We've got some malt whiskies, a Bourbon, a Cognac, some rum, and those essential cocktail ingredients, vermouth and bitters.

You'll find all of the featured bottles in our spirits shop at 23 Bath Street, as well as on our website. Don't forget our local delivery service - if you order by 4pm this Wednesday your bottles will be with you on Thursday the 10th. The weather forecast for next weekend in Glasgow is a bit mixed, but at least you'll have cocktails.


The Good Spirits Co.

Malt Whisky

With four different malt whiskies you'd get four very different Rob Roys - now there's an experiment worth trying.

Douglas Laing Rock Island Sherry Edition (£46 - 46.8%ABV - 70cl)
Featuring malt whiskies from the islands of Orkney, Arran, Islay, and Jura, which have been matured in ex sherry casks.

A D Rattray Benriach 2014 5 Year Old (£49 - 60%ABV - 70cl)
A single ex bourbon barrel yielded just 258 bottles of sweet, vanilla & coconut scented malt whisky.

Single Malts of Scotland Reserve Casks Benrinnes 13 Year Old (£62 - 48% - 70cl)
This small batch Benrinnes has a savoury character, with mineral and meaty notes. A chewy, tasty dram.

Duncan Taylor Battlehill  Jura 2005 13 Year Old (£60.50 - 46%ABV - 70cl)
It's not often you see indie bottlings of Jura. This is a fine example, with that touch of earthiness that we love.


Smooth Ambler

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon (£54 - 49.5%ABV - 70cl)
Not a new product, but Batch #61 is now back on our shelves after a leave of absence. A high-rye straight bourbon sourced from Indiana by the Smooth Ambler distillery of West Virginia, it would make a very fine Manhattan.

Leyrat Assemblage

Leyrat Assemblage No.1 VS (£41.50 - 42%ABV - 70cl)
A single estate Cognac from the Fins Bois region, it has flavours of marzipan, summer fruits, and sweet spices.

Check out the recipe for a "Scally Cognac Cocktail" on the Leyrat website.

Bittermens Burlesque Bitters

Bittermens Burlesque Bitters (£14.50 - 44% - 14.6cl)
Featuring hibiscus, açai berries, and long pepper, Burlesque bitters will add tartness and spice to all your mixed drinks.

There are many, many recipes for you to try on the Bittermens website. We particularly like the look of the "Rum Row Old Fashioned"

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal (£26 - 16.5%ABV - 75cl)
With 28 aromatic & bittering herbs, La Quintinye is a wonderful ingredient in cocktails such as a Manhattan, Martinez, or Rob Roy. Or, you know, just drink it over ice (*looks out of window at sunshine. Sighs*).

One Love Rum

One Love Coconut & Pineapple (£27 - 37.5%ABV - 70cl)
Guyanese rum infused with coconut and pineapple for a refreshing, totally tropical taste. Just add Ting.

One Love Five Island Spiced Rum (£35 - 43%ABV - 70cl)
A blend of different rums from five Caribbean islands with tropical spices. Chunk of fresh ginger, ginger beer, sorted.

One Love Three Island Golden (£37.50 - 50%ABV - 70cl)
Three Island Golden combines a mellow four year old Jamaican rum, a lively two year old rum from Trinidad and a laid-back five year old rum from Barbados for a reggae influenced tropical blend.

Ditch the Grenadine and dry vermouth, use a sweet vermouth like La Quintinye, and make yourself something that's not quite an El Presidente (El Vice-Presidente?).
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