Lauren Hope discusses the temperature averages we'll typically see over the next few months.

Weather Blog: When can you expect the last cold snap of the season?

Southwest Florida has been running cooler than usual with refreshing conditions for the past few days. As we transition into spring, cold snaps become harder to come by as cold fronts don't always make it this far south.

On average, our March highs are in the low 80s with overnights in the low 60s. Typically, our last night in the 40s happens by March 19. For the last night in the 50s, we usually have until mid-April.

Our first 90-degree day usually happens by the middle of April as well, but this year has been running ahead of schedule. We've already hit 90 degrees four times this year!

Fortunately, we should still have a little bit of time before the average first 95-degree day, which usually happens around Memorial Day weekend.

Keep in mind this spring is projected to run hotter than usual, so don't be surprised if we see these toasty conditions sooner rather than later. Stay cool and enjoy our last few cold snaps!

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