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Work together newsletter of CICOPA
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May/June 2013 

The cooperative movement from South America shares its experience in Greece

Representatives from worker cooperative federations and dedicated support structures in Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Canada shared their expertise with several Greek stakeholders in May. The group participated in the premiere of the Greek version of the documentary Together (Mazi) and also met civil servants from the Ministry of Labour who wanted to better understand the experience of worker and social cooperatives in other countries. Read more

Important presence of CICOPA at the ILO seminar on worker cooperatives 

The President of CICOPA Americas, Arildo Mota Lopes from Brazil, and the President of CICOPA Mercosur, José Orbaiceta, from Argentina, shared their expertise at the seminar on trade unions and worker cooperatives organized by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on 9 May in Geneva, at a session on Latin America which the CICOPA Secretary General, Bruno Roelants, chaired. Read more

Guy Ryder (ILO): “the survival rate of worker cooperatives appears to equal or surpass that of conventional firms"

Guy Ryder, General Director of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), highlighted the role of worker cooperatives in resisting the crisis at the Opening of the conference “Potential and limits of Social and Solidarity Economy”. The event was organized jointly by the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) and the ILO from 6 to 8 May 2013 in Geneva. Read more

european news section
This section has been edited by CECOP – CICOPA Europe

Saving enterprises in Europe through business transfers to employees

Last year in Europe, more than 150 enterprises that were on the verge of being closed down, because no transfer plan or heir was found, have been successfully transferred to their employees under the form of a cooperative saving jobs and skills at the same time. CECOP – CICOPA Europe has analyzed this model with a wide range of actors concerned by business transfers in the framework of the conference “Sustainable business transfers in Europe, with a specific focus on business transfers to employees” held at the EESC. Read more

Rebuilding the areas hit by the earthquake in Italy

An example of inter cooperation, the “Consorzio RicostruiaMO” (or “Rebuild Consortium”) has been officially created. Its aim is to contribute, along with the government, citizens, and technicians, to the reconstruction of the Modena area, which was hit by the earthquake in May 2012. Read more

Spanish Minister for Employment underlines that cooperatives have shown a higher capacity to create and maintain jobs

Although more than six million people are unemployed in Spain, cooperatives have managed to not only maintain, but also increase the number of jobs by 7.2 percent in the third quarter of 2012. The Spanish Minister for Employment, Fátima Báñez has underlined that, during the crisis, cooperatives have shown a higher capacity to create and maintain jobs, especially among young people. Read more

The European Commission Guide on Social Economy is out, CECOP contributions inside!

The European Commission has recently published the volume 4 of the Social Europe guide dedicated to “Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship”. The study underlines the role of those enterprises representing an important source of inspiration and energy to overcome the current crises. CECOP has been invited to address a message in the name of worker and social cooperatives. Several stories of cooperatives in industry and services from CECOP network have been mentioned. Read more

"Alternativas económicas", new Spanish magazine under the model of a worker cooperative

“Alternativas económicas” is a worker cooperative for which the main objective is the edition of the journal, also named “Alternativas económicas”, a monthly publication dedicated to economic dissemination. The society is composed of journalists with a lot of experience in newspapers such as in El País, Público and El Periódico de Catalunya, and professionals from different sectors including Social Economy. Read more

Mondragon Corporation, winner at the Boldness in Business awards organised by the Financial Times

A total of 260 companies worldwide, put forward by a jury. The finalists were the US oil company Continental Resources, the Chinese industrial machinery corporation Sany Heavy Industry, the multi-sector Tata Group from India, the Japanese entertainment holding Square, the German publishing company Axel Springer, and Mondragon Corporation. Read more

South America news section

Re-thinking international development cooperation: which role for cooperatives

The Italian NGO COSPE and CICOPA Mercosur presented the main outputs of the Red del Sur (The Southern Network, in Spanish), aiming to promote worker cooperatives and strengthen networks of social economy enterprises in the MERCOSUR region, in Brussels on the 10th June. At the occasion of this conference, co-organised by CICOPA and COSPE, participants have stressed the importance of re-thinking international cooperation tools. Read more

Brutal eviction of the workers of an Argentinian Graphic Cooperative

On 14 May, employees of the Graphic Cooperative MOM, former Lanci Printing, in Buenos Aires (Argentina), were “brutally evicted by the Metropolitan Police that arrested 15 of them”, according the Federation of Worker Cooperatives in Argentina, FECOOTRA. Read more

North America news section

Cooperative saves local theatre

In 2009, the Aron Cinema in Campbellford in Canada was like hundreds of other small-town cinemas: ready to close its doors, faced with overwhelming competition from digital home entertainment and big-box complexes. Today, back from the brink of closure, The Aron is a popular cultural hub and an instructive model of economic renewal for other towns facing the loss of traditional institutions. Read more

A professional network for cooperatives providing assistance in the USA
The Democracy at Work Network (DAWN) of San Francisco, has celebrated its fourth anniversary. DAWN is a network of peer advisors who cooperate in training themselves and providing technical assistance services to worker cooperatives. Since its creation, it has provided technical assistance towards 40 worker cooperatives. Read more

Africa news section

Strengthen the craft sector in Senegal

The National Union Cooperatives of Handicraft art, production and services of Senegal (UNCAAPSS) CICOPA’s member, has launched a project to strengthen the influence of the handcraft sector, through the implementation of public policy. One hundred handicraft cooperatives are involved in this project. Read more

Asia news section

The documentary TOGETHER spread over Asia!

Next stop: Asia. The documentary Together follows its travel around the world! The film about the resilience of cooperatives in Industries and Services in Europe is now available in Japanese and Korean. It has already been screened in Japan in front of enthusiastic cooperators and some scenes have been also transmitted through the National TV Channel NHK. Read more

Exchange of experiences between Japan and South Korea

Representatives from "1318 Happy Zone”, a South Korean network of after-school programme centers, visited the cooperative Tachibana Children's Hall, established in 2006 and located in Tokyo, in order to share and learn from their experiences. Read more

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