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Work together newsletter of CICOPA
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June/ July/ August 2014

ILO includes cooperatives in a future Recommendation on tackling the informal Economy

An amendment including cooperatives was approved to the “proposed conclusions” on transitions from the informal to the formal economy. This is the first step and this item will be dealt with at the current session and at the 104th Session of the Conference to be held in 2015, hopefully with the publication of a Recommendation. Read more

Achieving sustainable development for all through cooperative ownership and participation

As part of the answer to the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda, CICOPA published the results of the study “Cooperatives as builders of sustainable development”, showing the state-of-the-art of worker, social and artisans’ cooperatives in contributing to sustainable development, at the occasion of the International Cooperative Day. Read more

Showing the cooperative and sustainable vision in the ILO Academy on the Social and Solidarity Economy

The International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation is organising the “ILO Academy on the Social and Solidarity Economy: towards inclusive and sustainable development” from 28 July to 1 August 2014, in Campinas, Brazil. The President of CICOPA Americas will take part in the event. Read more

Gender equality and cooperatives in Latin America

The cooperative sector in Latin America has subscribed to the commitment of gender equality, linked to human and social responsibility towards its workers, according to Verónica Sánchez Olguín, the Gender Equality Representative of the National Cooperative Federation of Diverse Activities of Mexico, in her paper: “Gender equality in Mexico and Latin America from the point of view of the development of cooperatives”Read more

International Diploma of cooperatives and organizations of social economy management

The Andalusian School of Social Economy has opened the registrations for the International Diploma of cooperatives and organizations of Social and Solidarity Economy management. This is particularly aimed at cooperative managers in Latin America. The program will be developed in Andalusia (Spain) from 21 September to 9 October 2014. Read more

european news section
This section has been edited by CECOP – CICOPA Europe

This summer: discover a new site of Cooproute every week!

Getting ready for summer destinations and planning to travel around Europe? Why not to visit a cooperative contributing to preserve and value the local industrial, cultural and natural heritage? Until 15 September, we will post the story of a cooperative which is part of Cooproute, the European Route of Cooperative Culture each week through our campaign #1coop1week on the social media! Read more

Business transfer to employees: increased recognition from the European Commission

The European Commission organised a conference on 17 June on business transfer, grouping experts in the field for the occasion. CECOP was invited to share the expertise of its network regarding the transfer of business to employees. Two speakers from the French movement of worker cooperatives were invited. Read more

Italian government launches the reform of the third sector : important role assigned to social cooperatives

Read here the comments made by Giuseppe Guerini, President of Federsolidarietà-Confcooperative, the largest Italian Federation of Social Cooperatives, in response to the Guidelines for the reform of the third sector announced by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Read more

Best result in 6 years for the creation of worker cooperatives in France

With 263 new companies, 2013 was the best year in 6 years for the creation of worker cooperatives in France. The total number of companies is now 2,252 (a 4% increase with respect to 2012; and a 17% increase compared to 2009). Read more

Worker cooperation development in Belgium

Worker cooperatives in Belgium are getting organised. The Union des Scop Wallonie-Bruxelles has emerged this year thanks to the determination of more than 30 enterprises of various statuses. The objective is to stimulate the creation of a legal status close to the one of the French “scop” (worker cooperative) in Belgium and encourage its development. Read more

Spain: 32% more worker cooperatives created than last year

In 2013, a 32% increase in the creation of worker cooperatives was registered last year, according to the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives (COCETA). Those enterprises present rare figures in the Spanish business world: they are companies that create stable employment by definition. Read more

South America news section

United by the mountain range: worker cooperative promotion in Chile
Chile used to be one of the most important areas of development for worker cooperatives, exceeding 3,000 companies. During the  dictatorship and decades of neoliberalism, these companies had virtually been destroyed. The worker cooperative movement in the Americas is now taking the first steps to support cooperatives in this country. Read more

A business take-over, the signature company for soap production in Argentina

The bankruptcy of the Sociedad Argentina Grasos y Derivados in the Argentinian Province of Santa Fe had left 83 people without a job. It was revived by creating the Cañada Rosquín cooperative in 2006, which produces soaps, detergents and candles. Over the past two years the cooperative has doubled its production to 400 tonnes. Read more

North America news section

6 October: worker cooperators from around the world to meet in Quebec

In conjunction with the International Summit of Cooperatives 2014, the Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation (CWCF) and Quebec Worker Cooperative Network (Réseau) are hosting a gathering for worker cooperators from around the world on Worker Cooperative Best Practices. This will take place in the afternoon of October 6th, just prior to the Summit Opening Ceremony. Read more

JOVENMEX: the youth, leaders of the future
The Cooperative Coordinating Committee of Mexico, together with the cooperative organisations members of the ACI in Mexico currently consider young Mexicans to be the basis for the development of the Mexican Cooperative Movement, as a factor for consolidating the cooperative philosophy, and at the same time renewing and increasing the efficiency of organisational structures in order to make cooperatives more competitive. Read more

Africa news section

Youth economic empowerment through cooperatives in Uganda

Aimed at increasing the income of 8,778 youths in ten districts of Uganda and enhancing their capacity to deliver sustainable services through cooperatives, the project YEECO has been implemented by Uganda Co-operative Alliance. By the end of July 2009, the project had managed to facilitate the creation of 11,737 jobs by engaging in various income generating activities. Read more

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