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Work together newsletter of CICOPA
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April/May 2014

CICOPA to represent the cooperative movement at the International Labour Conference

The International Labour Conference will initiate a discussion on how to facilitate the transition from the informal to the formal economy. Bruno Roelants, Secretary General of CICOPA has been asked to represent the cooperative movement vision at this event, in the ICA’s name. Read more

On the ICA consultation regarding the Cooperative Principles

The ICA launched in January a consultation regarding the “Guidance Notes on Cooperative Principles” including comments on the 3rd 5th and 7th principles. CICOPA has just published its position based on CICOPA’s own consultation with members. Read more

TOP.COOP communications competition : call for entry

Have you produced an innovative ad campaign or communications offensive that showcases your cooperative values? Then give it visibility while inspiring others in your industry by entering the inaugural communications competition organized by the International Summit of Cooperatives.Read more

european news section
This section has been edited by CECOP – CICOPA Europe

More jobs and more stable jobs, more inclusion and more equally distributed wealth

CECOP wishes to highlight to the EU Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs, gathered on 29 April at the EPSCO Council meeting, the advantages for European member states to promote those cooperatives for their job creation and preservation potential including for the most disadvantaged, their impact on local economic development, and their cost effectiveness. Read more

Luca Dal Pozzo, new President of CECOP

The General Assembly of CECOP, gathered on 6 May, has elected Luca Dal Pozzo as the new President of CECOP. Mr. Dal Pozzo has been Vice-President of CECOP since 2010, and in his own country, Italy, he is Vice-President of Federsolidarietà-Confcooperative, the largest Italian Federation of Social Cooperatives. Read more

Manifesto of the cooperatives active in Industry and Services for 2014 European Parliament elections

Cooperatives active in Industry and Services need EU policies for sustainable growth and jobs, with a strong industrialization and re-industrialization drive, public investments and the promotion of services of general interest. CECOP invites you to discover the Manifesto for 2014 European Parliament elections. Read more

Worker and social cooperatives, a solution to youth entrepreneurship?

With the aim of gathering ‘Ideas for a better Europe’, more than 5,000 young people took part at the European Youth Event (EYE) organized by the European Parliament and the European Youth Forum from 9 – 11 May at Strasbourg (France). Worker and social cooperatives participated actively in this 3-day meeting promoting this business model among the youth and asking European actors to take into account cooperatives as a solution to youth entrepreneurship. Read more

Call for continuing supportive policies for the social economy in the EU

In its 2014 Elections Memorandum the Social Economy Intergroup of the European Parliament calls on political parties and individual candidates for the European Parliament to ensure that in the upcoming legislature social economy and social enterprises in the European Union are ranked as high as they are valued. Read more

An Italian social cooperative finalist of the European Commission Social Innovation Prize

Social innovation is at the basis of cooperatives. Many examples all around Europe are showing how ideas that put the persons at the hearth of the decision making process answer to the social needs. As a result over 1,200 proposals were received out of which ten finalists have been selected, one of them the Italian social cooperative Progetto Quid. Read more

Spain: 23% more worker cooperatives created in 2013 and generating net employment

At the close of 2013 there was a 23% increase in the creation of worker cooperatives than at the same time the previous year. Up to 2013, there had been 10 points’ worth of fewer job losses in cooperatives than in other company types. Worker cooperatives are currently creating net employment, in a country where there are 5 million people unemployed. Read more

South America news section

Regaining work and dignity: Argetinians celebrate Workers’ Day

Some 25,000 people have celebrated Workers’ Day in Argentina, emphasising the role of worker cooperatives in regaining work and dignity, through 25 simultaneous events held country-wide, from Ushuaia to the Imprenetrable Salteño. Read more

Taking up the challenges of Brazilian growth thanks to intercooperation

The opening up of Brazil’s economy in the nineties had a significant impact on national industry, and strongly affected certain sectors, which experienced a range of consequences, from the loss of formal jobs to some companies closing down. Read more

North America news section

The OAS explore how cooperatives form the basis of sustainable and economic development

Around 150 political and cooperative leaders in the Americas attended the “Cooperatives in the Americas: Driving Economic Growth with Equity and Inclusion” summit held on 20 March at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington.  Read more

The craftsmen cooperators of the historic centre of Quebec, guardians of their heritage
The craftsmen and shopkeepers in the historic centre of Quebec joined forces some 30 years ago to create the Petit Champlain Neighbourhood Cooperative and not only do they collectively own 27 buildings in the area, but they also consider themselves to be the guardians of the district’s heritage.Read more

Asia news section

New federation of worker cooperatives in Korea

The new legislation and the creation of the re-structured federation are particularly significant events in the development of worker cooperatives in Korea and in Eastern Asia. Worker cooperatives are experiencing major expansion in Korea following the new law.  Read more

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