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SPECIAL DOSSIER > Coops & gender equity

Cooperatives enterprises able to achieve full gender equality

Cooperatives are among the best places for creating gender equality. Wherever relevant statistics exist, numbers confirm this hypothesis. Key findings of a last year online survey conducted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Cooperative Alliance indicate that cooperatives were having an increasingly positive impact on women. 80 per cent of survey respondents felt that cooperatives were stronger than other types of private or public sector business in advancing gender equality. About two thirds of survey respondents felt that women’s opportunity to participate in governance and management is a highly important feature of cooperatives. Read more

Italian cooperatives lead the way in helping workers strike a good work-life balance 

Italian cooperatives accord priority to the integration of women in the labour market. Not only are 61% of their employees women, 23.6% of them hold top level positions (26% including positions of responsibility in the management and control of the cooperative), compared to 16% in limited liability companies. This difference is an indication of the fact that Italy still has many obstacles to overcome in the area of work-life balance. Read more

The "Koperattiva Ghawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artigjanat", a cooperative example of women working together in Gozo (Malta) to improve their lives 

The “Koperattiva Ghawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artigjanat”, is a cooperative that consists of 16 members, who are all women. They are lace-makers, living in Gozo, and provide the local market with high quality hand-made lace, which is usually sold in shops for tourists. Read more

Female cooperators still face a glass ceiling 

Cooperatives can play a relevant role in achieving gender equality in top positions. However, when it comes to gender dynamics it is necessary not to over-simplify matters. The feminine stereotype is deeply rooted in mental and social structures. Although cooperatives attempt to remove many of the external barriers for women, their efforts are still not sufficient. In practice, internal and external barriers operate together in a more unpredictable and randomized process. Read more

Textile manufacturer Creciendo Juntas: 5 self-managed years
In the midst of recession, the Argentinian textile manufacturer has celebrated its fifth year. It has achieved a lot in those five years and has kept jobs safe. Since Argentina recently opened its doors to imports the sector has been hit by a wide range of problems (a decrease in sales, rising prices etc.) and there has been a major lack of public policy support. But the manufacturer, together with other organisations, has demanded that support. And for now, the results have been positive. Read more

Spanish women feel better and achieve higher positions working in cooperatives 

When speaking about cooperatives and gender, Spain is no different from other parts of the world. Spanish women can obtain better jobs and feel better working in cooperatives. Read more

european news section

The ILO highlights the role of cooperatives as innovative care service providers

Cooperatives are a good solution for both caregivers and for the users, because they can offer quality employment to the former and good services to the latter. This is what is suggested by a report released by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in March. In fact, in the industrial/services cooperative sector there is a growing number of enterprises dedicated to providing social services to people. The report concludes that cooperatives contribute to the response to unmet needs in a changing world in which the aging population is rapidly growing. However, there are also challenges that cooperatives are trying to cope with. Read more

What is the Outlook for the Economy in a Context of Financial Crises and Social Inequalities?

For the third edition of the International Summit of Cooperatives, which will take place in Quebec City, Canada, from October 11 to 13, 2016, Joseph E. Stiglitz, eminent heoretician and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Mark R. Kramer, FSG co-founder and shared value advocate, and Robert Reich, influential economist and former Secretary of Labor under U.S. President Bill Clinton, will analyze the new global socioeconomic and geopolitical realities in order to identify potential solutions to key issues in the 21st century. The talks given by these world-renowned speakers should be of interest to anyone in the business world who wants to promote sustainable economic development. Read more

european news section
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CoopBiciclot is getting bigger through the creation of Can Picó

Biciclot, which is a member of the Cooproute and is a bike recycling cooperative that works with people in need and offers bike tours for groups of 4 to 40 people in Barcelona, is getting bigger, thanks to the City Council support. Read more

Social economy entreprises got together at Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

More than 100 exhibitors from 16 countries participated in the Fifth European Fair of social economy enterprises and cooperatives in the city of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), which took place from 31 March to 3 April 2016. Read more

Responsible Construction Worker Cooperatives in the Construction sector launch their CSR label

Several cooperative and participative enterprises in the French construction sector will soon be able to display the worker cooperative BTP (Construction and Public Works) label on all of their documents. This label has been granted to the sector in recognition of the positive evaluation of good practices in the field, which has been awarded by a labelling committee comprised of representative stakeholders from the entire building and public works sector. Read more

Kooperationen is planning its Second Conference on Community-owned Energy Cooperatives in Denmark

The CICOPA Danish member Kooperationen is already planning its second conference for community-owned renewable energy cooperatives, which will be organised together with the Middelgrunden wind cooperative. Read more

South America news section
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Texto Puerto Sauce, weaving hope for the community

Cooperative Puerto Sauce is a business which has been brought back from the brink. The textile business is a major employer in the small Uruguayan town of Juan Lacaze in the Colonia region. It recently took out a loan from the Development Fund Fondos, a state-run entity in Uruguay created to assist with manufacturing projects managed by the workers themselves. The factory will receive an initial sum of 600,000 dollars and the remainder, more than a million, will be handed over when the factory achieves the stages and goals set out by the project. Read more

Cooperative schools help to reform Cuba's education system

Recently, presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro shook hands in a historic meeting, and the normalisation of relations between America and Cuba has already started to have an impact on Cuban society. Read more

Consumer and worker cooperatives in Argentina are working together in a Web-based Central Purchasing Body

Consumer and worker cooperatives are constructing the first national Internet-based Central Purchasing Body (Central de Compras). Consumer cooperatives will be able to buy all kinds of goods or obtain services on the webpage at an affordable price. Furthermore, the tool will allow worker cooperatives to create commercial opportunities and increase sales. Read more

National Carers' Framework: opportunities and challenges for cooperatives

A new state-run framework entitled the Sistema Nacional Integrado de Cuidados (SNIC) (National Integrated Carers’ Framework, in English), is being implemented in Uruguay. The framework has been designed to nationalise the care sector, making it a public service, and regulating private care providers. The scheme offers significant opportunities for the formation of worker cooperatives dedicated to providing care.  Read more

Africa news section

A step towards cooperative health clinics in Cameroon

Creating a local health service at a reasonable cost and enabling the employment of young people who have recently qualified in healthcare and related professions having completed their studies at health training schools. These are the two objectives of a programme which is currently taking shape following a meeting with the Cameroon Health Minister. Read more

Oceania news section

A community-led initiative to promote sustainable jobs and provide clean energy solutions in Australia

Earthworker, a community-led initiative to provide sustainable, wealth-creating jobs that empower local communities and provide clean energy solutions, is setting up an Australia-wide network of community owned cooperatives. They are beginning with Eureka’s Future – a worker cooperative to manufacture high quality solar hot water systems in Dandenong, and then Morwell, in the heart of Victoria’s coal-burning LaTrobe Valley. Read more

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