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Work together newsletter of CICOPA
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SPECIAL DOSSIER > Coops & migrations

Cooperatives helping immigrants and refugees

“According to the United Nations, the number of international migrants increased by 41% over the last 15 years, from 173 million in 2000 to 244 million in 2015; the UN also point out that the main reasons for migrating include conflict, poverty, inequality and lack of decent jobs, and that the distinction between countries of origin, transit and destination is becoming increasingly obsolete”. The topic of immigrants and refugees is of such high importance, both today and in the years to come, that we are dedicating a Special Dossier to it in this issue of Work Together. Industrial and service cooperatives contribute to a decent and dignified life and to the social and economic integration of refugees and migrants in various parts of the world. Read more

Social cooperatives: the charter for the promotion of the sustainable inclusion of migrants in Italy

The Italian federation of social cooperatives Federsolidarietà has recently launched a national charter to promote joint action between social cooperatives and the public administration in order to promote the effective inclusion of migrants and to avoid social crises and conflicts. The Charter will be a pathway to facilitate the planning and implementation of immigration policies at the local level. Read more

Building integration

“Nor-Bum” is a worker cooperative which has been created by 7 construction workers.  “Nor” refers to the fact that all of the members originally come from the North of Bolivia and that they moved to Argentina in order to improve their employment prospects and economic situation, whilst “Bum” reflects the speed with which they carry out their work. Read more

Guatemalan know-how to run a textile cooperative in North Carolina

Founded in 2008 in North Carolina (USA), Opportunity Threads is a worker-owned cut-and-sew plant built on a threefold ethical platform: social, environmental, and economic benefits for the local community. The company is owned and operated by 23 men and women, the majority of whom are first or second-generation immigrants from Guatemala. Read more

"Subiendo al Sur", the emblematic Spanish cooperative of immigrants that is striving to overcome the crisis

If there is an emblematic cooperative of immigrants in Spain, it is the restaurant, store and catering service from Madrid, Subiendo al Sur, which is more than 25 years old and has constantly changed and adapted to circumstances, including the crisis. Established in 1997 mainly by Peruvian immigrants, it was created with the support of structures working in the fair trade sector and the cooperative movement. Read more

Labour integration of refugees: the cooperative formula

Since its creation, the Camelot social cooperative in Bologna and Ferrara, Italy, has worked on programs for the labour integration of migrants, including asylum seeker and refugees. In just one year in 2015, the cooperative followed 541 adults and minors in different establishments. The cooperative provides services including mentoring, courses in the Italian language, training courses and internships in organisations across the region. Read more

Labour Integration of refugees in Greece: a Cooperative Hostel to Spread Solidarity

“Welcommon” stands for “Welcome in common”. This is the name that four well-established organisations, the social cooperative Wind of Renewal, the Greek Forum of Refugees, the Greek Forum of Migrants and ANASA Cultural Centre, have chosen for a project seeking to offer much more than emergency accommodation. Social inclusion, empowerment and refugee integration are key aims of the initiative. Read more

european news section

Quality employment to be one of the main challenges according to the ILO

According to the recently published International Labour Organisation study, ‘World employment and social outlook: Trends 2016’, the creation of quality employment is one of the main challenges in 2016. The study sets out a series of policy recommendations, including the “strengthening of labour market institutions to ensure that social protection systems are well designed” in order to prevent further increases in long-term unemployment, underemployment and working poverty. Read more

Young people working together: when how you make something becomes an essential ingredient of the whole

"Working together for a cooperative future", is a video which has been made collaboratively by young cooperators from 9 countries worldwide with the aim of showing why people, especially the young, are cooperating. Four months after its launch, a year since the project began to take shape and after being translated into English and Spanish, we once again had a chat with them. Read more

Large, multisectoral, resilient and productive: a study to break some stereotypes about worker cooperatives

Traditionally viewed as small enterprises and specialised and undercapitalised organisations by some economists, the study Co-operatives UK has recently published under the title of “What do we really know about worker co-operatives?” breaks some stereotypes regarding and claims that promoting them could improve ‪‎employment in local communities and therefore health and social expenditure and tax revenue. Read more

CICOPA co-organizes two sectoral encounters at the Quebec 2016 International Summit of Cooperatives

From 11 to 13 October 2016, over 150 leading international experts will share their views on global affairs and solutions for sustainable economic prosperity with participants at the 3rd International Summit of CooperativesRead more

european news section
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CECOP welcomes GUE/NGL commitment to place Social and Solidarity Economy at the heart of the new European project

More than 200 people participated in the European Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy, “Transforming the economic and cultural paradigms”, held on 28 January in the European Parliament. The Forum, which was organized by the European United Left - Nordic Green Left group (GUE/NGL), addressed the main challenges currently being faced by society in Europe including social exclusion, the future of common goods and ecological challenges. Read more

96 years of cooperative university teaching in Rumania

ARTIFEX university in Rumania, which represents a response to the social need for training for professional and managerial staff, managers and specialists serves, to uphold the tradition and continuity of craft and production cooperation. The ARTIFEX university, which is a higher education institute founded by the Rumanian National Union of Craft and Production Cooperation (UCECOM), is continuing a tradition which is 96 years old and which started and was established in law in 1919. Read more

Social cooperatives: a major actor for offenders’ rehabilitation

The 70 entities dealing with alternative measures to incarceration analysed in the European project Community Bonding for Sentenced People Supervision have shown that the type of service provided is highly diversified. They offer housing, employment, training or other services supporting future resettlement and independence of offenders. The majority of them are social cooperatives from Italy, followed by associations and foundations. Read more

South America news section
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La Diaria, a decade of cooperative press in Uruguay

The publication was created as a left-wing newspaper which is independent of all political parties and is sold by subscription at a low price in order to avoid being sold at newsstands. Today, it has 50 worker members who are involved in the writing, distribution and administration of the newspaper. It is one of the 4 most widely read newspapers in the country with 8,000 subscribers. Read more

Cooperative, inclusive fashion

A new cooperative clothing line has been launched by Argentinian worker cooperative, Septiembre Textil, bringing together local businesses and celebrating diversity. A network of local providers have worked together on the project. Garments have been manufactured using associative forms of production, and the range includes both standard and plus-sizes. Read more

60 years of a cooperative dream which has become a reality in Bolivia

In the 1960s, a group of people had the idea of creating a company in Bolivia based on the cooperative model by combining the efforts of people and institutions from all strata of society and the economy. Today, some 50 years after its creation, COBOCE has become the largest industrial cooperative in Bolivia and groups together one of the largest cement works in the country. Read more

North America news section

A worker cooperative in New York is set to launch an app offering home-cleaning services

An initiative between the worker cooperative Sí Se Puede! (We can do it!), a women-owned, eco-friendly housecleaning business in the USA, and a group of researchers from Cornell Tech graduate school aims to allow them to offer home-cleaning services to a wider spectrum of clients through an app named Coopify. Read more

Africa news section

How do cooperatives contribute towards increasing household incomes and wealth creation in Uganda?

The Ugandan Government has made the revitalisation and development of cooperatives a priority after seeing how they contribute towards an increase in household income and wealth creation. The move prompted over 16,500 cooperative societies to register in the country by July 2015. They work in a variety of areas including transport health, energy, crafts, etc. Read more

Asia news section

Strengthening commercial ties: cooperative movements from China and Israel come close

The cooperative movements of China and Israel have strengthened their ties in the trade and training sector. Members of the All China Federation of Marketing Co-operatives visited Israel recently where they took part in a course that looked at the different aspects of the Israeli cooperative experience. Read more

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