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Work together newsletter of CICOPA
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Issue 1 -- March/April 2013 

Action plan for a Cooperative Decade, showing the way forward!

The International Cooperative Alliance has just published the final version of the “Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade” in English, French and Spanish seeking that the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives marks the beginning of a worldwide campaign to take the cooperative way of doing business to a new level. Read more

A second International Summit of Cooperatives next year!

There will be a second edition of the International Summit of Cooperatives from October 6th to 9th , 2014, in Quebec City, Canada. The objectives are to create a forum for decision-makers that come from several cooperatives in the world, provide a forum to discuss and help facilitate networking and inter-cooperationRead more

european news section
This section has been edited by CECOP – CICOPA Europe

CECOP opposed the Council’s amendment to Article 17 (reserved contracts) of the Directive on Public Procurement

Together with Social Platform and other European organisations, CECOP has sent a letter to the European Institutions in order to protest against the Council’s amendment to Article 17 on reserved contracts of the Directive on Public Procurement and to protect the spirit of the Article 17, which is the social and professional integration of persons with disabilities and disadvantaged persons. Read more

Inspiring worker buy-outs in Belgium

To increase the knowledge in business transfers to employees under the cooperative form, PROPAGE-S, an agency for the development of social economy in the Walloon region organized a conference on March 7th. CECOP was associated with the event and asked to bring its expertise, share its know-how and provide European experiences in order to inspire regional actors. Read more

Bulgaria, promoting social entrepreneurship for people with disabilities

Over 5.000 visitors from Italy, Romania, Norway, Malta, Serbia and Belgium exchanged their experiences with their Bulgarian colleagues in the second European Fair of Social Enterprises and Cooperatives for People with Disabilities held from 21st to 24th March. CECOP participated actively in the conferences and in the fair; the recently produced documentary “Together: how cooperatives show resilience to the crisis” was screened for the first time in Bulgarian. Read more

Medcoop, a new European cooperative association to drive innovation and groups in the Mediterranean region

A new European association of cooperatives has been created: Medcoop. This new reality aims to be a think tank orientated towards the promotion, innovation and the effective grouping of the cooperative sector in the Mediterranean region. Read more

South America news section

COOMUNICAR, social economy enterprises active in the communication sector joining efforts in Argentina

Thousands of cooperatives, mutuals and associations active in the communication sector in Argentina have created COOMUNICAR, a platform that unifies the effort of those enterprises. Now, the radio stations, newspapers, televisions, printing companies, publishing houses and telecommunication agencies active in social economy will work together at a national level. Read more

North America news section

Canadian cooperative movement makes pledge to create an investment fund 

The Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation (CWCF) has pledged founding support for a new Cooperative Investment Fund that would, if launched, provide Canadian cooperatives including worker cooperatives with access to the capital they need to expand and develop.  The proposed fund is being proposed under the leadership of the Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA) with the support of a dedicated task force representing cooperatives and credit unions across the country. Read more

People dug deep into their pockets to finance a worker coop in the USA!

TeamWorks was founded in 2004 as a Cleaning Cooperative. Recently, they succeeded getting 2 loans of $5,000 through Kiva Zip, a website that enables individuals to make direct loans to entrepreneurs. The money will help TeamWorks to support the cooperative with marketing, equipment for new teams, and the management capacity needed for their growth campaign. Read more

Africa news section

Extending horizons and opportunities through worker cooperatives in Uganda

As many youths in Uganda face the unemployment crisis, the youths in Bwongera, in the South West of the country, have a different story to tell. They have managed to create jobs for themselves. They have formed a worker cooperative to construct fish ponds for farmers. The group consists of 40 members that started in August 2009... Read more

Asia news section

Japanese worker cooperative movement produces a film!

Cooperatives are breaking into the film scene. The last example is the documentary “Workers” (available in Japanese) produced by JWCU, the Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union. It shows four worker cooperatives in downtown Tokyo. Read more

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