Download the latest PDF eBook by David duChemin "The Inspired Eye III" for just $4.
New eBook by David duChemin - The Inspired Eye III
New eBook Available
Calibrate your Creativity. The Inspired Eye, Volume 3, is about the creative process behind our photography. Technical proficiency is highly over-rated; if you can make a good exposure, and focus the camera, the rest is about your choices, your own creative decisions in making a photograph. Improving your photography happens when you improve the way you approach your own unique creative process.

If you want to create great photographs, gear and technique won't get you there. The continual focus on gear at the expense of creativity is why so many who love this craft become frustrated. After all, a camera, for all the bells and whistles, is just a box with a hole in it. Add a lens and there's little else. Spend too much time on the peripherals - gear and technique - without tending to the core, and we risk ending up really proficient at creating photographs that are uninspired and uninspiring. If you have any interest in expressing yourself and creating beauty, if you're more than just a camera-collector but a photographer, then creativity is your core asset. Investing in that asset, and understanding how it works, is key.

The Inspired Eye, Volume 3, is the third and final installment in the Inspired Eye series, an eBook full of discussion about the way we think and create - it's about what happens before and during the time the camera comes to our eye and the shutter is pressed. It's about how we deal with constraints, challenges, and inspiration; it's about how we light and feed the fire of creativity.

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The Inspired Eye Bundle
Get all three volumes for just $12. The first two eBooks have new covers but the layouts and content is unchanged. There's no product page for this package on the website but you can make your purchase by simply clicking this direct shopping cart link.


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