Group travel - is it for us?
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Apologies! And, a crucial update.

Did you miss us? (It's okay if you say no.) Apologies for missing last month's newsletter - it is the first time we have ever skipped a newsletter since we started it! But, it was for good reason, I promise you. We were on vacation.

Well, as much as a vacation as we can allow ourselves as entrepreneurs. But we did have a fabulous time jaunting around Africa with few(er) cares in the world, and also because poor wifi dictated that we would have a lot of downtime anyways. Which we welcomed wholeheartedly! (Our biggest concern is that our assistant hates us for being so hard to reach, but she hasn't quit yet so that's all good.)

But we feel energized and raring to go with all the amazing experiences we have to share with you!

And also...a big update on our potential TV show! The "sizzle reel" is complete, and I have to say, we watched it with tears. The production company did such an amazing job, and even told us that they believe we are meant to be on TV.


Next step is to present it to various networks and see if any will bite. It could happen next month, next year, or not at all, so we're really not trying to get excited. (But I wish we could share the reel with you! It is so good!)

Fingers crossed!!

Dalene (& Pete)
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By Dalene

We are pretty staunchly independent.

Since we started our travels, we've preferred most often to have our own hand on the wheel and dictate where we go and when. Except for specific situations where we have no choice but to join a group (i.e. our kayak adventure in Greenland), we've largely explored the world on our own.

And in the first few hours of our recent trip through Tanzania with Intrepid Travel, I had to wonder if we'd be able to really enjoy it. There we were, in a large custom-built truck that screamed "tourist", lumbering through the busy streets of Nairobi and looking down on all the locals as we passed. We weren't out there getting our shoes dirty in the streets with them, we weren't able to directly share smiles and greetings with those we passed.

My initial reaction was swiftly overcome after that first long day in the truck. It didn't take long for Pete and I to begin to realize the many benefits of taking a group trip for a change...
  • We met many more locals than we probably ever would have on our own, thanks to Intrepid's commitment to bolstering the local economy of the communities they visit. We ate in numerous local's homes, drank banana beer out of a communal cup in a straw hut, and even played a soccer game with a group of kids!
  • More naps, please! Having a driver make the longgg journeys for us meant that we could spend more time relaxing, watching the beautiful scenery roll by, and yes, snoozin'.
  • Because everyone likes to have others cook for them. Especially when the food is as good as our Chef Albert made for us. One of the things that Pete and I most often quibble about is where/when/what to eat, so it was kinda nice to be bossed around in this regard.
  • New friends! This may sound weird, but it does get a little lonely for Pete and I when we only have each other to talk to. We had a nice small but diverse group (only 12 of us!) on our trip and we all got along famously. I always underestimate how powerful it can be to make connections with other people who share a love of travel. Yet it is always so refreshing and fulfilling.
When we left our group I will admit that it was nice to be back to just the two of us - I retreated to a quiet beach chair to indulge my introverted self and stayed there for several days. But I did so with a giant smile on my face, reliving every moment of the amazing two weeks that had just passed.

While such group trips will never replace the thrill of conquering the world on our own, they offer a change of pace that will be welcomed by both of us in the future. Let's see where it takes us next.
You know we are HUGE advocates of housesitting (we even wrote a book on it)! We want to do more than just tell you how to do it, we want to entice you to get started. Here are some juicy opportunities that we can't take, but we think that YOU should...

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(And just so you know, we update that above link weekly so bookmark it and you'll find new ones there every Monday!)
Technically, this is our top Instagram photo from the last two months, and one we are very proud of. One thing is for sure - our audience on Instagram ADORED our time in the Faroe Islands and they have been our most popular photos by far!

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On the blog, we've got a wee bit more from the Faroe Islands and then we'll take you to Africa with articles from Namibia and Tanzania!

In real time, we just checked into a two month house-sit in another dream destination for us: New Zealand!

Thank you so much for being here! See you next month!
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