This month: Giving the gift of travel.


Don't you just love September? (Parents in the crowd - I expect you are nodding your heads in agreement.) We love the colorful change of the season, the fresh and crisp breeze, and from our own school days of old, the new year that stretched out before us (yes, we were nerds and LIKED to go back to school).

And this month, things are about to get all new and fresh up in here!

If you've been following us on our Facebook page, you may have noticed that we've been giving sneak peeks at our new blog design, set to be launched in the next couple of weeks. Along with that will be an entire overhaul of our "look" everywhere - here in this newsletter, on our YouTube page, our Twitter page - you name it, and it will look different. We are long overdue for a major overhaul, and we can't wait to share it all with you.

This time next month, our newsletter will be all new and fancy! Hope you stick around for it. :)

Thank you for being here!

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First things first!  Here are the highlights from the blog in August...

-- It was all Romania - all month! And a couple from the lovely city of Sibiu - where we talked about what made us enjoy it so much, even though there were creepy eyes staring at us EVERYWHERE.

-- We told you the story of driving one of the most scenic drives in the world (which includes a backstory about one of the only reasons Dalene could ever legitimately call Pete an a**hole).

-- Hungry? You will be after this post.

-- And finally, the continuation of our postcards series, with the best photos we took during our month in Romania.

By Dalene

My nephew was born to my little sister in her teenage years. Although at the time our entire family feared it a colossal, life-ending mistake, once he entered our lives, we no longer could imagine a time without him. He was a joy to all of us, and oh boy, was he loved. It seemed that he was not only born to my sister but to all of us, and we all took to caring for him and making sure his every need was met. As he grew up and my sister moved closer to me, oftentimes my holidays were spent on visiting him or driving the few hours to babysit whenever necessary. I spoiled him with movies, games, my cake-decorating skills on his birthday - whatever I could do, I did.

That's the prescribed role of an aunt, right? I do have to say that I think I've been a pretty damn good one.

And this month, I am so thrilled to even be taking it a step further, when Avery comes to join us for a couple of weeks of traveling around Italy.

Travel, as a whole, has been such an incredible gift for me, and it will bring me no greater joy then to also bestow it onto him. We'll be railing around Italy, revisiting some of the places that we've loved in the past, but also dabbling in some new ones.

It's been a bit of a struggle to plan, because as his previous travels have been so limited, we're not even sure what he's going to like. Maybe he won't actually lose his breath at the first sight of the Colloseum (as happened to me), and maybe the tiny hillside villages of Cinque Terre won't enrapture him as they do us. That is my greatest worry of all of this - it is true that our travel lifestyle isn't loved or coveted by everyone - and maybe the trip will be a disappointment to him. But I suppose that would be an important recognition on its own - when we discover the things we don't like, that can also help point us in the direction of what we do. If he was anything like me at that age, he still doesn't even have a clue about what is possible in the world, and maybe this will help sharpen his focus.

Finding clarity may be an ambitious goal for this small two week romp around Italy, but I can hope to give him that gift that travel has given us. And if all else fails, we'll just spend our days stuffing ourselves with the best pasta in the world - and who wouldn't love that?

Oh Paris, how we miss you already, and what a SCORE our three week house-sitting job was! No surprise that this was our most popular photo on Instagram this past month.

Well, you know we are big fans of house-sitting (hell, we even wrote the book on it)! We want to do more than just tell you how to do it, we want to entice you to get started. Here are some juicy opportunities that we can't take, but we think that YOU should!

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It's all Budapest and Paris this month, and oh yeah, on our SHINY NEW WEBSITE coming soon!

And in real time - we realize we lied to you last month and said that right now we'd be in Spain - but we changed our minds! We are now in the cute Umbrian town of Spello in central Italy, and then when Avery comes to join us, we'll be on a whirlwind tour of all the hot spots. Did you know we have a REAL TIME WALL on the website so you can see all our latest posts from across our social media networks? You can follow along there!

Thank you so much for being here. See you next month!


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