This week's newsletter includes music from Tall Ships, Eddi Front, The People's Temple, Indians and The Dark Lights!
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Hi all.

Saw some great music this past week. On Friday night I caught Brazos, Port St. Willow and ARMS all in one shot at Union Pool. All three bands are impressive, but I was most surprised by Brazos, of whom I knew nothing prior to the show - they struck me as a Grizzly Bear/Fleet Foxes lovechild. Very excited to hear more as they prep their debut record on Dead Oceans. Then last night I caught Purity Ring at (le) poisson rouge. Their new record is one of my faves, and their live show was an amazingly visceral experience.  

Coming up this week: tonight Union Hall's show is a good one, put on by The Band Mom - Good Field, Valley Lodge and Bright Moments. Also Wednesday, Animal Kingdom play the early show at Mercury Lounge. Thursday there are several killer options: Milo Greene/Family of the Year at Mercury (I'll be there), Milagres and Indians at Glasslands, and Oberhofer/The Soft Pack for free at Pier 84. If I weren't going out of town this weekend (yay family reunions!) I'd definitely hit up Pianos on Friday for Black Light Dinner Party and A Lull or Celebrate Brooklyn for a free Lost In The Trees/Head and the Heart show. Also Caveman/Skaters at Brooklyn Bowl Saturday and Gary Clark, Jr. and GIVERS at Central Park Summerstage. There's also that whole Catalpa Festival this weekend. Monday you can catch Team Spirit at The Studio at Webster Hall, and Tuesday is the Sigur Rós/Perfume Genius show at Celebrate Brooklyn. 

For July 25, 2012:

Tall Ships: "Gallop" (Gallop) - download | stream | web
There's a good chance you've heard about these guys by now - the south England trio made some noise back around CMJ and though they're still under the radar, I don't expect that will be the case for very long. The band is releasing their debut LP, Everything Touching, on October 8, and I think it will be much bigger than people might anticipate - these guys have a sound that could easily find its way into the mainstream. Be excited.

Eddi Front: "Gigantic" (Gigantic) - download | stream | web
I can't listen to this track without thinking of Emily Haines' solo EP - it's the same haunting piano sadness. So beautiful, and the lyrics so potent. But this isn't Emily - this is Brooklyn singer Ivana XL's new persona, Eddi Front, and I will not complain one bit about this shift; I liked Ivana XL, but this is stunning. No info about any other tracks - she had released another song called "Cry Belixs", but that seems to have been wiped from the internet. Hope she puts some new stuff out soon.

The People's Temple: "Looter's Game" (Looter's Game) - download | stream | web
Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, The People's Temple has been around since 2007. Formed by two sets of brothers in the midwest (à la The National), the band came out with their first full length, Sons of Stone, in 2011. All their music is very psych/rock & roll based - lots of similarities in their music to The Black Keys. Currently they're readying their new record, More for the Masses, which should be out in September on HoZac Records. Check 'em out.

Indians: "I Am Haunted" (I Am Haunted) - download | stream | web
I've been meaning to write about Indians since I heard their track "Magic Kids" back in May, but I was reminded of them when I heard this new track at a 4AD event recently. Indians is Copenhagen musician Soren Juul, and though this track was released via Twimm Records (his own label), keep your eyes peeled for something on 4AD this fall. Listen to this track if you love Department of Eagles - I almost thought that's who this was at first. As mentioned above, Indians play Glasslands on Thursday night - they'll also be back at the end of November with Other Lives to play Bowery and Music Hall.

The Dark Lights: "The Eye" (The Boy Who Saw Through Walls) - download | stream | web
My first thought was "oh, Muse." when I heard this track - it certainly would fit in with the "Supermassive Black Hole" era of the Brits. But these Brits are different. The London quintet just recently released their debut EP, The Boy Who Saw Through Walls, on June 4th. It's all pretty dancey and fun. Listen if you like Bloc Party, Friendly Fires, Muse, etc. Hopefully we'll hear more from them soon and they'll make it over to the states for some gigs. 

Download all 5 songs.

As always, let me know if you don't want to be on this list, or if you have a great idea for it - I'm always ready to listen. And if you have artists or songs that you think would work well on this list, or that would be up for having me take their photo, by all means, let me know. Pass this email on - this list is growing weekly. And as I've said before, just because I'm sending something around doesn't mean it's necessarily cool to post online - be sure to get the band's permission before doing so! 
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