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Hi all.

Hope you're all freezing your asses off like me. Not even the Uniqlo heat tech long underwear has helped. SXSW couldn't come quickly enough.

Just a reminder than while I do this mailing, I'm primarily a photographer. I recently got my own studio and I'm looking for more portrait work. Also editorial and documentary. Check out my work if you're not familiar - recommendations are always appreciated!

Upcoming NYC shows worth checking out: tonight Eagulls play Mercury Lounge with Yvette. Friday Broken Bells do an RSVP record release show at Baby's All Right, while Drowners, Ski Lodge and Honduras all play Bowery Ballroom. Saturday night Streets of Laredo play Brooklyn Night Bazaar. I really wish the Super Bowl wasn't on Sunday because I would love to go see Gem Club at Mercury Lounge - loooove that band. Tuesday night at Mercury Lounge is Jeremy Messersmith - been a fan of his music for awhile, and also just took his new press photos!

For January 29, 2014:

C A T H E D R A L S: "Unbound" (Unbound) - download | stream | web
I fell in love with this song just before the holidays and forgot to post it. CATHEDRALS are a duo from San Francisco made up of Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins. The band formed last year and put out this, their debut track. They're due to release a new track soon, but no date for that yet. "Unbound" is a beautifully minimal track that really hits its stride at the 44 second mark. I love their voices together and honestly can't wait to hear more from them. Lots to be excited about here. 

Shivum Sharma: "Flicker" (Flicker) - download | stream | web
This track is the perfect lovechild of James Blake and The Antlers. Shivum Sharma is only 18 years old, but the dude can write a song. This is his first fully polished track, and it was produced by fellow Londoner Kwes, whose influence can definitely be heard. This is an absolutely stunning track - it's hard for me to believe a kid this young could put out a track with this much subtlety, but he's really nailed it. No word on upcoming releases as far as I can tell, but I'll be watching. 

Gold Spectacles: "Steal You Away" (Steal You Away) - download | stream | web
At first this totally sounds like a song by Rodrigo y Gabriela, but the guitar picking fades and more of a Paul Simon vibe comes through. I don't know anything about this band (nobody does, it seems) other than they're a duo of songwriters/producers from London. They've done their best to be mysterious. This is their debut track and if it doesn't leave you wanting more, then, well, I don't know. I personally want more. It's catchy!

Lowell: "Cloud 69" (I Killed Sara V.) - download | stream | web
This song isn't quite PG. But then again, who expects a song with "69" in the title to be kid-friendly? "Don't fuck with me or your balls are dust," sings the 23-year-old Canadian on her debut EP, I Killed Sara V., out February 25th on Arts & Crafts. It's a feminist anthem calling out guys who are, well, bad news. If you've heard of Lowell before, it's probably due to her mini-album collaboration with supergroup Apparatjik (members of Coldplay, A-ha, Mew) that came out last year. Lowell will be in NYC at Mercury Lounge with label-mate Timber Timbre on February 13th.

Twin Caverns: "Undiscover" (Undiscover) - download | stream | web
Here's another killer debut track to be excited about. Twin Caverns are a duo from Sydney made up of Louise Miller and Michael Macias. This is the second song they've released - the first, "Swell", is definitely worth the listen - along with a reworking of a Bon Iver track. This track specifically reminds me of someone - Portishead? I'm not sure. Whatever it is, I really like it. Especially Miller's vocals - they're sweet. Looking forward to more music from them, for sure.

Download all 5 songs.


As always, let me know if you don't want to be on this list, or if you have a great idea for it - I'm always ready to listen. And if you have artists or songs that you think would work well on this list, or that would be up for having me take their photo, by all means, let me know. Pass this email on - this list is growing weekly. And as I've said before, just because I'm sending something around doesn't mean it's necessarily cool to post online - be sure to get the band's permission before doing so! 

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