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FRN is a 501c3 non-profit that aims to serve the interests of the Rio Nido community by improving the quality of life for Rio Nido’s citizens and its environment; and to preserve and further the historic and unique character of the Rio Nido community.
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January 25, 2014


  • All Board members present
  • Public comment on non-agenda matters:  (!) progress with getting PG&E to repair street lights; for additional issues reference the “Street Light Need Repair?” portion of the FRN Resources list, (2) update from a local member regarding the cleanup of the property by the wooden water tank on RN Rd.
  • Updates re. Rio Nido Lodge and related properties — Tudor-style fix-up planned for old post office
Management of County Property
  • Discussion on extensive research performed by FRN Board member Matt at County records (including deeds, decrees, etc.) which uncovered that two major aspects of County-owned land in Rio Nido, Lot 11 and Lots 66/68/69, were (in the case of the former) deeded as a Veterans War Memorial in 1950, and (for the latter) the topic of a Judicial Decree and a Calif Superior Court Judgement from 1912 that positions these lots as “public park land”.  We are thus working with the County to try to achieve the cleanup and dispositioning that these properties deserve.
  • Is free legal aid available?
  • FRN Board met with Efren (County Supervisor) and Jason Nutt (of PRMD) regarding how to get a crosswalk installed for RN’s high school students and local Sonoma County Transit users; safety issues exist without one, but painting a crosswalk could give a false sense of security; ideal would be to cross to an area impeded by a concrete barrier (expensive to remove the barrier since it circumvents major shoulder repair); in the meantime, simple and cost-effective traffic calming measures can be instituted, and are being planned.
  • Concerns voiced about condition of the roads; should we co-author letters to the County on this?  Discussion on road maintenance crew being cut by >50%, support of SOSroads.org; possibly individual road districts in the future or better funding from bed & sales tax; ideal to report if you have experienced tire/car damage since this helps justify funding
  • Meeting was planned in February to get ready for annual cleanup, and to plan a pre-cleanup date to pickup litter, etc.
  • Our FRN float in the Guerneville Holiday Parade of Lights float won 2nd place — concrats to all who participated!
Community Development
  • A committee meeting was held; ideas/plans include an annual winter event, website blogging, obtaining RNHOA activity dates (so we can help promote those on FRN website), record the oral history of RN from some of the local elders; getting addresses for owners of multi-family units to send them an FRN canvassing packet
Safety and Security
  • Graffiti activity has increased and is being addressed
  • Two car break-ins in the same area; keep an eye out
  • Latest dumping issues will be reported to Charity
  • Piles of wood was being illegally sold on County property at entrance; Sheriff has been involved
  • Concerns about ashes being dumped along the road; contact fire chief, Max Ming at 887-2212 (for urgent issues call Sheriff dispatch at 565-2121)
  • Concerns about burning of treated wood; include a snippet on this in our canvassing packet
RRR&P (Russian River Recreation & Park District)
  • RN tennis court — options include a plastic layover (app. $25k) to enable an all-weather court; a pole-net attachment to raise the net and enable its use as a badminton court (enables dual-use); “Friends of RN Tennis Court” group has formed; if you’re interested we can pass your info along to the folks coordinating that effort.
  • Though some voted on a bocce ball court, it seems this will not be pursued
  • RRR&P wants feedback on future recreational activities?  Tennis is a top priority, what else?
  • Transition of the beach front property to RRR&P is still underway
Other Community Topics
  • Possible guests for a future FRN member meeting — have CalFire out to visit again?

October 5 & November 23, 2013


  • All present for October meeting; for November meeting, 3 board members present & 2 excused absences
  • Minutes from prior meeting approved
  • Rio Nido Lodge — Update from Brett who runs the Lodge, regarding its progress.  He requested feedback from the community on what groceries to carry at the Market.
  • Successful installation of Radar speed signs — huge congrats and thank you!  Radar speed signs are helping, but people still speeding.  The group discussed that the next step may be to request for the posted speed limits to be reduced as approaching Rio Nido, from 55 to 40mph, and 40 to 25mph.  A California Highway Code could be used to serve as the basis for this.  Initial feedback from County was reluctance.  Would a petition help us on this?
  • FRN Board requesting a crosswalk to the RN bus stop; problematic since tunnel tenable proper ADA access costs $800k and alternatives have safety issues.
  • Discussion on progress with PG&E trimming & their installation of plastic shield to protect arcing, and whether  tree wire conversion is needed.
  • Would be good to re-do trimming along RN roads for traffic visibility; when? 
  • FRN Members are encouraged to take photos during the rainy season, where drainage issues exist; send photos and specifics on locations to FRN Board and we can work to pass this along to the county for support with clearing culverts, etc.
  • McPhail propane deal — we finally reached our third tier goal for the lowest pricing yet.  Congratulations all!  Better yet, McPhail has agreed to continue to offer the deal to FRN members.
  • Clarification needed on when/whether the FRN-McPhail deal expires; thankfully McPhail has agreed to let the offer stand, even though we’re past the initial 2yr limitation!
Community Development
  • Planning for neighborhood canvassing has begun.  The materials are being drafted up to include info on FRN, RNHOA, FRN-McPhail propane deal, FRN resource sheet, Roadhouse swimming pool rates/hours, and other neighborly tips.
  • Rio Nido Sign projet is underway with an active Committee.  Updates provided in recent email.
  • We raised $200 at the flea market event, which was organized by RNHOA.
  • Patches with the FRN logo were designed/purchased and are available for sale for $5 each (e.g. for ironing or sewing onto a baseball cap, jacket, sweatshirt).  Should we also do bumper stickers or decals?
  • FRN participation in Guerneville Holiday Parade of Lights Parade was briefly discussed/planned (and later materialized!)
RRR&P (Russian River Recreation & Park District)
  • The Garden shed has arrived!  (and is much appreciated by the garden folks)  The grow discussed the need for an arbor over the out house or a fence, to hide from the view of neighbors. 
  • River Access for Rio Nido — The property owner is working with RRR&P to split a piece of the river access off to enable public access.  Details are still emerging, stay tuned!
  • RN Tennis court — without a tennis net the court, and given the condition of the court surface, it is unusable.  $60-70k to resurface it.  Other options under consideration.
  • Feedback sought to help prioritize RRR&P funding & priorities, and on how parks should be used. 
Management of County Property in RN
  • Need to meet with new real estate manager
  • We reached out to David Noren, on the Water Quality Control Board, for advice/assistance
  • Discussion on what legal assistance we might obtain
  • Matt Villabar works with Sonoma County Environmental Health Department and can be helpful if there is a garbage problem that could cause a health impact on a neighborhood (e.g. attract vermin, or includes chemicals). He can be reached at (707) 565-6523.
  • Two FRN Member votes were taken: (1) regarding whether FRN funds should be used towards legal action as it relates to the management of County property in Rio Nido; 12 approved, 7 opposed; motion passed; (2) subsequent vote taken to determine whether spending up to $1k would be appropriate; 18 approved and 1 opposed; motion passed.
  • Good job to volunteers on the recent litter cleanup!
  • Idea discussed regarding a good samaritan letter
Safety & Security
  • Security issues should be reported to Sheriff dispatch at 565-2121; if you email concerns to the Board we may be able to assist with sending out an email (if the risk is applicable more broadly)
  • Charity Koch is our CSO (Community Services Officer) with the Sheriff’s Office and is quite helpful to provide advice and act as a liaison regarding Sheriff’s Office matters.  All issues should be reported to dispatch at 565-2121, but also feel free to reach out to Charity at Charity.Koch@sonoma-county.org or 869-2020.
  • Recent spending was for annual insurance bill ($500), a first ever thank you BBQ for FRN volunteers ($300), and a donation to SOS Roads ($100)
Other Community Topics
  • Raking of debris into canyons is problematic; discussion on how we can address this
  • Issues with trailers/motorhomes being parked along road right of way and moving around the neighborhood.  Suspicious activity should be reported to the Sheriff at 565-2121. 
  • Concerns re. seemingly commercial wood splitting/chipping operation on private property, and possible zoning issues; noise and hazardous contamination issues
  • Discussion on guests for future FRN Member meetings — possibly Janet McKenna or Ben Neuman of PRMD
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