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FRN Meeting Notes 
March 26, 2011


  • Pegasus is having a fundraiser at the Rainbow on March 29th; info will be posted on the events portion of our website.
  • VetConnect is to provide a wide range of services and information to all veterans.  For information/services, visit the Guerneville Vet’s Hall from noon to 3pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month.
  • Sonoma County Water Agency is sending registered letters to those who have previously registered concerns about Low Flow issues associated with the Russian River.  To maintain your registered concern, please bring these pink slips to your post office to obtain the letter and respond accordingly.

Board Elections

FRN Board elections were conducted and the five candidates were voted into the five open Board positions with the following votes recorded (counted by two members):  23 votes for Marsee Henon, 23 for Kim Holliday, 24 for Matt Malik, 25 for Jennifer Ostrom, and 24 for John Uniack.  (The FRN Board has since held its first meeting.  Meeting notes to follow shortly.)

Business & Economic Viability

  • Marsee said this committee’s aim is mostly about promoting a positive image for Rio Nido; maybe we should change the name?
  • She always needs NEWS AND HISTORY; please email Marsee if you have any!  
  • A “MASTER CALENDAR” is being pulled together, so let Marsee know if you have any events/dates of interest.
  • The group discussed how to better spread the word about FRN within Rio Nido (since some new folks were in attendance that wished they knew about us before).


  • ROAD SIGN PROPOSAL:  Read through the distributed documents from the SoCo Department of Transportation & Public Works and let us know if you have concerns about the proposed road striping and signs.  Details have been posted online, on the FRN tab of the website.
    • Voting on the signs/road striping proposal will occur in our next FRN meeting, then we must seek approval from the County Board of Supervisors... Then we must await the dry weather before installation can be undertaken.
    • We don’t know if worn/damaged road conditions will affect their work; will let the County sort that out.
    • Most locations are yield signs and road striping (instead of stop signs).
    • Need to add a sign for the front intersection (where Canyon 2, Canyon 7 intersect); we probably can’t add signs to this proposal, but we can include it as feedback when we inform the County of our final vote.  The turn lane project may help this too (if we get RRROC funding we’re requesting for this).
  • DRAINAGE:  John has taken pictures of some of the drainage issues in the latest storm; Please take your own and send pictures to John.  We also need your feedback on the origin of the water and how it might be diverted using culverts (either along or across roads) to move more directly into the creek or river.
  • ILLEGAL LOGGING:  We are still having issues with illegal logging up Willow and Bay; we may arrange a meeting with the Sheriff to see how we might avoid chasing the illegal loggers from one location to another.
  • GRAFFITI:  New graffiti is emerging on the power pole at Willow & Canyon 7, and on both ends of new guard rail further up on Willow.  (Update since our meeting - George the County graffiti abatement guy, has taken care of it!)

Safety & Security

  • BLOCK CAPTAINS:  Fred, Jennifer, Cathy and Richard have stepped up as block captains; let us know if you are available to be block captain for your finger of Rio Nido.
  • SIGNS:  Have been posted; more may be purchased.
  • LESSONS LEARNED:  The group discussed collating ideas on lessons learned when communities have worked together effectively on safety/security issues, so that we can promote these.  Fred will draft some ideas and send them to Richard as a starting point.


  • CLEANUP:  Jennifer/FRN is working with Doug/RNHOA to schedule a cleanup in late Spring or early Summer; we will hopefully get the funding from the county by then.
    • The cleanup will include recycling, yard waste, a few bulky items, possibly a few bigger items like fridges.  It will not be advertised outside of Rio Nido to avoid issues with people showing up from bordering regions (since prior such events have gotten out of control for this reason).  A Rio Nido ID may be required.
    • It will be conducted on RNHOA property.
    • No hazardous items will be included.
    • A reminder that North Bay customers get free bulky item pickup three times a year, or can instead have 1 big bin delivered (which they leave on your property for 3 days), also for free.
  • FIRE HYRDANTS:  Matt has been working to get Sweetwater’s help to power wash our fire hydrants, and sent pictures of the crooked poles in front of the hydrants (which should also be repaired).  The beautification committee will paint the hydrants a mellow yellow (with paint provided by Sweetwater) and reflective tape.
  • GARBAGE SERVICE FOR RENTALS:  It is still an aim that we get landlords in the area to provide garbage/recycling service to their tenants; most regions require this, and we wonder if ours should too.
  • DUMPSTER DIVING:  Some folks have found people digging through their private recycling bins, and have privacy and other concerns about this happening; Jennifer will inquire with North Bay on their ideas on how to address this.

RRROC & Other Updates

  • Kim will continue to provide updates on Rio Nido-related projects in upcoming RRROC meetings.  A reminder on the funding being requested by FRN presently:  (1) re-paving of certain Rio Nido roads, (2) turn lanes to enter Rio Nido from either direction, (3) crosswalk to get to/from the bus stop, (4) purchase two radar speed signs to begin to slow people down as they approach our 25mph zone (since the turn lane project will be a couple of years in the making).
  • There will be no funding approved in the next RRROC meeting in April, since it will be dedicated to individual members of the community voting on which projects are considered a priority (with a limited number of sticker/dots).  This meeting is VERY IMPORTANT to attend and show your interest in the projects important to you!  Information is posted online; the agenda will be posted 72hrs prior.  We will send out a reminder.
  • The group agreed we should have both members and non-RN residents on our distribution list; since the latter can’t be voting members, we can call them booster/fan/supporter (name TBD).
  • We’d like to get the word out to more of the summer people to both keep them informed, and to invite them to join; Kim Link offered to help with this.
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