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FRN Meeting Notes  
January 28, 2011

-Meet & Greet with new CSO  

  • The new CSO (Community Services Officer), Charity Koch, joined our member meeting.  We discussed examples, and the nature, of safety & security issues in the neighborhood.
  • Charity encouraged us to contact her for future issues.  She can be reached at or 869-0202.  She is at the Guerneville substation Monday thru Thursday, 8am to 4pm.
  • For drug-related security issues, she reminded us that the Narcotics Hotline is 565-5440. 
  • Clarification that vehicle issues on private property fall under the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office (and Charity's jurisdiction), wherease vehicle issues on the roadways fall under the CHP (who can be contacted at 551-4100.
  • Vehicle abatement is getting some added attention.  Contact Charity if you are aware of abandoned vehicles which should be removed.
  • Trespass orders have been filled out for many of the outlighing and hilltop properties in Rio Nido, to enable the Sheriff to arrest on contact as needed, when illegal logging is occurring.
  • Regarding street lamp outages and other public lighting issues, visit your local PG&E office or submit a request for service online.

-General Info

  • All FRN Board members in attendance.
  • Prior member meeting notes approved unanimously.

-FRN Board Info

  • The FRN Board has met twice since the last member meeting.
  • Insurance quotes are being reviewed, and may cost as much as $500 annually.
  • Propane companies are being approached to determine whether reduced rates can be achieved as a group; further info is pending, when we will inquire with the membership to determine the extent of interest.
  • FRN Goals have been discussed for the areas of adding FRN members, adding regular FRN volunteers, and fundraising. 
  • Planning for the FRN Board elections in a few months has begun.  We are lucky to have had three volunteers to be on our Election Committee (Ingrid, John and Melanie) and one person as a backup (Mike).  Thank you volunteers!
  • A suggestion was made to post the first name of Committee members on our website, as a kudos to them.  (To be discussed with impacted members.)

-Infrastructure Committee

  • RN BEACH ACCESS:  The beachfront property across from Rio Nido, on which the County was in escrow, is at risk due to the loss of redevelopment funds.  We are seeking new partners to help continue forward with the purchase and development.
  • RN ROADS:  The County is undertaking a 4yr project to assess the roadways.  Information on the priority roads which have been identified first is posted online.  Due to the low volume & weight of traffic on Rio Nido roads, we will probably be quite low on the priority list for awhile.
  • RADAR SPEED SIGNS:  The radar speed sign project is at risk due to loss of redevelopment funds.  The group discussed possibly raising funds to help with their purchase.
  • STREET SWEEPING:  The RN roads have received street sweeping in the past, but it may soon be time for them to be done again.  We can inquire about this after the winter.

-Beautification Committee

  • A major RN Cleanup is planned for May 12th.  More info to follow as the date approaches!
  • Plans continue to evolve regarding the reburbishment of the planters that line Canyon 2 Road.  A suggestion to go to North County Detention Facility for donations related to plants/soil/fertilizer.
  • A HUGE thank you to the crew who helped remove the concrete chunks that were piled around the storage unit across from the post office.  (Especially to Cliff!)
  • If you have any feedback on information to add or update/correct to our WEBSITE, or if you find broken links, email the website webmasters or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1.

-Community Development Committee

  • The committee would like to undertake more outreach, to grow our membership list and to build awareness about our group with neighboring communities and organizations.  An accomplishments list has been drafted by the FRN Board and may be helpful in this effort.
  • There are plans to distribute flyers about the FRN to the houses throughout RN.
  • FRN Board gave an interview regarding FRN on KRCB, which is posted online
  • A Banana Slug Festival is under development as a fundraiser and community event.  Thus far, the intention is to include education (related to our forest and the animals that live therein, such as banana slugs!), games for kids, a banana (or banana split) eating contest, a banana slug sack race, and more!  Feel free to email us with ideas!

-Russian River Rec & Park

  • Some of the bay trees that are in the Bruno Farnocchia park, which line/border the park (near the garden area), and along the creek banks, will be cut down or cut back, for housekeeping and safety issues.  

FRN Board Meeting Notes  
Notes from meetings on January 17th & February 9th

FRN Board met on January 17th & February 9th from app. 7 until 9pm.  All Board members were present at both meetings.
  1. Techsoup has approved FRN as an organization who is qualified to purchase software under the non-profit rate.
  2. We have received the donation of Microsoff Office from Bruno, to be installed on our Treasurer's laptop (which was donated by O'Reilly). Thank you all!
  3. We continue to send handwritten thank you cards to people who have made donations to FRN; more will be ordered since donations continue to be received - thanks to our donators!
  4. We discussed adding information about drainage/culvert maintenance during flood season, per information from local knowledgeable resources.  This could be another addition to our resources list, in addition to how to handle flickering or burnt-out public lighting.
  5. We are investigating a partnership with Riverkeepers, to promote watershed cleanup/education.
  6. Volunteer Procedures are being developed (i.e. related to how volunteer events are handled, and what information is obtained at such events), which will fit into our Policies & Procedures document, which is under development.
  7. The second Thursday of the month is a proposed standing Board meeting date; we will adjust accordingly as needed for travel schedules.
  8. Two new websites have been secured (,; planning is underway to link to our existing website and possibly expand.
Feel free to email the FRN Board or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1 if you have questions on Board discussions or would like to join a committee.

DONATIONS TO FRN -- Any type of contribution to FRN is deeply appreciated, which includes volunteers who donate their services for cleanups, painting and other events, and those who give of their time to attend our meetings and give their ideas and feedback... even emailing your ideas is helpful and contributes to our cause!  We welcome you to participate, however it best suits you.  Our mailing address is PO Box 184, Rio Nido, CA 95471, and thanks to our 501c3 status, any donations to FRN are now officially tax deductible! (Our EIN is 45-2587913.)

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