In the course of the April 19th, May 14th and June 4th FRN Board meetings, the following topics were discussed, decisions were made, and/or have since been acted upon: 
  • All FRN Board members were present at all meetings
  • State Form CT1 registration, IRS Form 3500A and other State/Federal agency documents were submitted to retain our 501c3 status and/or provide an update on our finances
  • Volunteer Forms are of increasing importance; we will ensure volunteers at each event have a completed form on file to ensure FRN liabilities are appropriately managed.  They have also been posted online to ease in collecting volunteer information.
  • PayPal was of interest and has now been setup as a means to allow donations to FRN, and a paypal donation procedure was drafted regarding the roles of the Communications, VP and Treasurer.
  • Insurance for FRN was investigated through many avenues, and a reasonable policy was obtained and purchased.
  • The "code of conduct" that was used with meeting attendees for the original RNTF (Rio Nido Task Force) will be indoctrinated into the board Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) Manual, and expanded upon related to the conduct of board members.  Work will be done to also include in the P&Ps the list of government forms and other regular reporting documents required of a 501c3.
  • The board will investigate asking the the RR Fire Protection District to get the heater fixed at the RN Fire Station, so that it might be more available for future FRN meetings.
  • New information was collected for the Resource List and a notable update made, which is now posted online.  Since that time, it was noted the bulky item pickup details should be updated to reflect that one of the four "free" bulky item pickups available to North Bay customers can be a bin (<3 cubic yards) or can contain 3 bulky items.
  • The board decided it will post FRN member & board meeting notes as emails on the FRN websites.
  • Regarding the lighting committee, the board will inquire with Dept of Public Works on the boundaries (i.e. how far towards Korbel or Guerneville does our lighting district extend?).  

DONATIONS TO FRN -- Any type of contribution to FRN is deeply appreciated, which includes volunteers who donate their services for cleanups, painting and other events, and those who give of their time to attend our meetings and give their ideas and feedback... even emailing your ideas is helpful and contributes to our cause!  We welcome you to participate, however it best suits you.  Our mailing address is PO Box 184, Rio Nido, CA 95471, and thanks to our 501c3 status, any donations to FRN are tax deductible! Our EIN is 45-2587913.

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