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Review the proposed FRN 2012/2013 Budget, and the 2011/2012 Financial Statement.  We will be voting on this in our next FRN Member Meeting.  Send feedback, questions or edits to the FRN Communications Committee.  You can also take a look at how we did with the FRN 2011/2012 Budget.

Next FRN Member Meeting
on AUGUST 11th

Held 11am to noon at the Picnic Tables

Our next FRN Member meeting will be held 11am to noon at the picnic tables between Pee Wee Golf and the Fire Station/Post Office.  We'll see you there!  Here's the agenda.  Dennis Judd will be joining the meeting to share information on the Rio Nido Lodge.

Meting Notes:  
June 16th FRN Member Meeting

To be voted on for approval in the August 11th Meeting

Following are the notes from our prior FRN Member meeting on June 16thollowing are the meeting notes from our last FRN Member meeting.  We'll vote to edit and/or approve these in our upcoming FRN Member meeting on August 11th.
  1. Board roll call - All Board Members in attendance
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes from prior Mar 31st and May 19th meeting notes - delayed until next meeting
  3. Concerns about dog messes around tennis court - John will speak with RRR&P 
  4. $5 million is being retained in the County road fund for Rio Nido
  5. FRN presently has 200 voting members (i.e. residents and/or business or property owners in RN), and 245 total people on our distribution list!
  6. FRN has just over $1500 in our bank account.
  7. The group discussed the letter being sent out by the County regarding the use of County property in Rio Nido.  There was a suggestion to distribute the letter in other jurisdictions, and another suggestion that the letter be distributed by APN instead of address.
  8. FRN Board election was held, with the following results:  John Uniack (27 votes), Marsee Henon & Kim Holliday (26 votes each), Jennifer Ostrom (25 votes), Dave Saltman (22 votes)
  9. The projects being discussed with the County include: (a) radar speed signs for the approach to Rio Nido from either side, (b) crosswalk to the bus stop across from RN, (c) drainage study and repair, and (d) an additional speed limit sign on the approach from the east, to reduce the speed more gradually.  Department of Public Works is seeking funding or other solutions for (a) and (b) and the others will be further discussed in future meetings.  It was suggested we might integrate a community cleanup of the creek ravine with addressing some of the Canyon 6 drainage issues.
  10. The backboard at the RRR&P basketball court needs to be repaired/replaced.  John will raise to RRR&P.
  11. The group thought the RN community cleanup (dumpsters/bins/trucks provided by North Bay Inc.) held on June 2nd went very well, and seemed more organized and better run than last year's.  The total number of vehicles dropping off waste/garbage was notably larger than last year.  Suggestions on how to improve?  Put a "do not enter" sign at the exit, for drivers who might inadvertently enter the area from the wrong side.  Possibly get a metal bin with a center door, since hoisting the metal over the edge was quite difficult.
  12. The group discussed when the next RN watershed cleanup will be, and would like to get it done before the rain.  Might Fish & Game contribute to our effort?  This should be investigated.
  13. Interest remains in cleaning up the planters along Canyon 2 and 7 Roads. (Weed pulling and fountain cleaning was undertaken just last week, and more to come!)
  14. Brush clearing will be undertaken before the fall.  An email will be sent out to round up volunteers.
  15. There are "no loitering" signage being painted in the RN Tunnel, which will be re-painted if/when it is graffiti'd.  Though it is a small measure, the intent is to indicate a sense of ownership and care/concern by the community to those who might not otherwise treat it or the area with respect.
  16. Canvassing of RN to hand out FRN brochures and inform people of FRN is nearly complete; Kim will review the inventory of emails indicating who canvassed what canyons to determine if any additional canvassing is needed.
  17. As of the date of the meeting, the RRR&P tree cutting (of trees near the garden) had not occurred, but was pending.
  18. We have 7 or more people signed up for the Lighting Committee, to meet with the County regarding the upgrading of street lighting in RN.  The first meeting will be convened shortly.  Contact us if you would like to join.
  19. Interest was voiced regarding an official pedestrian and bike lane from Rio Nido to Guerneville.  Dave will investigate alternatives, or let us know if you have suggestions on how we might undertake voicing our interest on this.
  20. It was suggested we add information to our RN Resource List regarding what to do about a persistently barking dog. 
  21. There was a grass fire in the Canyon 7 area, caused by wind which blew a tree or tree limb onto electrical lines causing it to spark.  John will speak with RRR&P about mowing, and the Infrastructure Committee will renew efforts to get tree wires installed throughout Rio Nido.
  22. Wood chips were dumped along Canyon 2 Road.  The Sheriff and Fire Department will be contacted to alert them. 

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[As of the end of July, our rates were at $1.98/gallon]

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