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FRN Meeting Notes  
June 25, 2011

-General Announcements

  • The next FRN Membership Meeting is on August 6th at 11am (TBD location).
  • The Board has been meeting to move our non-profit 501c3 application forward.
  • There will be a National Night Out meeting on August 2nd with the Sheriff Department, similar to the one we had last year as a potluck at the Roadhouse. Jennifer and Marsee will investigate.

-Infrastructure Committee

  • Infrastructure projects are moving forward.
  • The BEACH ACCESS at Rio Nido (originally a part of "Palm Beach") is in escrow, and the appraisal is being ordered.  But further environmental reviews cannot be performed until the fate of our local redevelopment agency is determined (on August 16th).
  • The County studies related to Rio Nido road REPAVING, DRAINAGE, TURN LANE AND CROSSWALK will hopefully be reviewed for approval by the Board of Supervisors in their August 9th meeting.  (Reference our most recent "Announcements" email for details on how to attend this meeting to voice our opinion.)  TBD, since there may also be delays associated with the defunding of California redevelopment agencies. 

-Beautification Committee

  • FIRE HYDRANTS:  Huge thanks to those who participated in the painting of our RN fire hydrants (buttercup yellow if you hadn't noticed!).  Job well done!
  • COMMUNITY CLEANUP:  Our Rio Nido Cleanup, partially planned at this past June 25th member meeting, has since occurred on July 9th and was a raving success!  Additional details and pictures in the prior email sent.  (let us know if you missed it and we'll forward you the email)

-Community Development Committee

  • The Community Development group had a committee meeting, and developed ideas for promoting our community.
  • There are plans to develop and print up FRN T-SHIRTS.  A rough first design was presented to the group for comments.  We have several people who have offered to assist with t-shirt design - thank you!  Marsee will be in touch.
  • We intend to try to obtain a table at the Rio Nido Arts Festival on August 7th (10am-3pm).
  • A FRN BROCHURE is in development (and a first draft has since been handed out at the cleanup).  
  • If you have any feedback on information to add or update/correct to our WEBSITE, or if you find broken links, email the website webmasters or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1.

-Safety & Security

  • Contact the Communications Committee or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1 if you have any such instances to report for a possible SECURITY ALERT.
  • SECURITY ISSUES with break-ins, harassment of people walking their dogs (one woman was followed back to her house), a man in his 20's who was cut with a broken bottle at the local beach, and a cat was abused (Canyon 1).
  • John/President has been discussing our issues with the SHERIFF who had concerns about gang members who have taken over beaches in the past.  Report to us any issues (ideally, directly from those involved, with factual/observed information).  In the meantime, Fred and Cathy offered to record license plates on vehicles parked near the entrance to the beach after hours, to serve as important records in case illegal activity ramps up at the beach.
  • GRAFFITI should be photographed.  (The County photographs and records each piece of graffiti before they paint over it.)
  • The group agreed we best manage security issues through NEIGHBORHOOD CAPTAINS (such as is underway in Canyon 6 and Sequoia).  Feel free to email us if you have interest in convening your neighborhood to assign a captain, we may be able to help facilitate.  And communicate within your own neighborhoods!
  • Personal PRIVACY will be a consideration for security issues, as well, and should be factored in.  Involving the Sheriff directly helps with this - the Sheriff should be the first point of contact.  Reporting incidents through the central dispatch (at 565-2121) helps with getting Sheriffs from outside our area allocated, in case our local Sheriffs are booked.
  • FRN will also accept any relevant SECURITY PHOTOS & VIDEOS from local Rio Nidans.  Just email them to us and we will catalogue them.

-Non-Profit Application

  • There was some discussion on the reason for us to apply for a non-profit status.  There are definite advantages in becoming a 501c3 to enable us to apply for grants, perform fundraising and receive donations, obtain redevelopment money, and to have a defined status in the community.
  • The FRN LOGO was approved by members.
  • O'Reilly may be DONATING A COMPUTER to FRN - this would be an excellent help!
  • The Federal 1023 form, and Statement of Information were both UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED by members.
  • At the time of the June 25th meeting, it was discussed that we were short FUNDING TO PAY FOR FEDERAL 1023 application.  Since that time, generous donations from the June 25th meeting ($250) and from our Cleanup ($340) will enable us to file our paperwork, and to put money into a bank account for future projects.  Thank you all for your generosity!

FRN Board Meeting Notes  
Notes from recent meeting on July 19th

FRN Board met on July 19th from 5:30 until 8pm.
  1. BANK ACCOUNT:  Board unanimously decided to go with Summit Bank to setup a bank account, which has offered no minimum balance, no monthly fee and waived the initial balance requirement.  (We had originally preferred the local credit union bank in Guerneville, but credit unions aren't setup with the same benefits for 501c3 organizations as a bank.)  Jennifer and John are coordinating on paperwork.
  2. MEMBERSHIP:  (1) Kim and Marsee will be formally recording the member information obtained thus far; Marsee will include in future reports to the Board.  (2) The membership forms will be finalized and posted online. (3) Formal thank-you's will be distributed to contributors in the future, and deductible slips provided once contributions to FRN are tax-deductible.
  3. COMMUNICATIONS & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT:  (1) Board discussed edits to cleanup thank-you email and approved, (2) Board proposed edits to the brochure which will be incorporated by Marsee 
  4. BUDGET:  (1) Jennifer and J will be meeting this weekend to finalize the FRN budget.  (Kim will provide info prior to meeting to pass along info she obtained for the Federal 1023 form.)  (2) When appropriate, we will record bills for donated services, since this is income for a non-profit. (3) Recorded payment to Fred for dump runs (apologies for the delay!).
  5. REDEVELOPMENT WAYFINDING SIGNAGE:  John uncovered an issue with the proposed signage, funded by Redevelopment funding (associated with the Russian River wayfinding/signage project).  The sign promotes routing traffic through RN to get to Armstrong Woods which is problematic for safety and several other reasons.  The Board will draft an email to the CDC and consultants, and will later send a formal letter (if needed).
  6. CLEANUP POST-MORTEM:  Extensive discussion on what went well with the cleanup, and what would be improved/changed for a future cleanup.  Details will be recorded and saved in the Beautification DropBox folder for future reference. 
  7. FUTURE PROJECTS COMMITTEES:  Ideas include the following, and plans are underway, to address: (1) Beautification - power washing/painting the central RN fountain (with approval from the property owner Vince), (2) Infrastructure - clear away brush/limbs that block the view of people making turns in RN, also, Kim to check with the County on the installation of our Stop/Yield signs and road striping, (3) Community Development - make plans for a revival of the Banana Slug Festival in Rio Nido in October (stay tuned for details!) and possibly a holiday tree lighting ceremony at holiday time.
Feel free to email the FRN Board or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1 if you have questions on Board discussions or would like to join a committee.

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