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FRN Meeting Notes
May 14, 2011

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(with key info from prior FRN Board Meetings at bottom)


  • The next FRN Membership Meeting is on June 25th at 11am (TBD location).
  • The FRN Board needs experts!  (to support certain Board and Committee activities)  If you have expertise in a particular topic or field, let us know... tree cutting, community organizing, public relations, sales, sign-making, etc.  Especially if you have expertise in accounting and budget management for non-profit organizations. 
  • President's Announcements (from John Uniack):  (1) We welcome feedback on our agenda topics, or otherwise.  Give us input! (2) For advice and assistance with mosquito abatement on your property, call 800-231-3236.  (3) We should add an "information category" to our standing meeting agenda.
  • Funding is needed to file for incorporation, to pay for bank account, etc.  A hat was passed around, and $53 collected from generous contributors at the meeting.
  • Positive comments were made in a letter posted in the Gazette in early May about Rio Nido - we should be proud to be contributing to the betterment of our community!
  • Free wood chipping is provided through a Fire Safety program.  (Note that the wood chips are left behind; the requestor with the wood must either put them in a green bin for yard waste pickup, or spread in one's own yard.)  Call (707) 565-6070 if you are interested; we will also coordinate wood chipping coincident with our upcoming cleanup.
  • VetConnect would like to facilitate cleanup of the grounds around the Guerneville Vet Hall (i.e. minor weeding, trimming).  Contact John or Fred if you would like to assist.
  • There is an opening on the Sweetwater Springs Water District Board for a position that serves until December 2012.  Interested persons should apply to the Board of Directors before June 22nd.  To apply, submit a letter of interest stating why you are interested in serving on the Board, and attach a resume.  Applications may be hand delivered to 17081 Highway 116 in Guerneville, or mailed to Sweetwater Springs Board of Directors at P.O. Box 48, Guerneville, CA  95446. 

Infrastructure Committee

  • ROAD SIGN PROPOSAL:  The road sign proposal was approved by vote of FRN members during the meeting with 77.7% approval.  The signs and road striping will be installed sometime this summer after a sufficient duration of dry weather by the SoCo Department of Transportation & Public Works (DPW).  Details have been posted online, on the FRN tab of the website.  
  • DRAINAGE:  A request was made to local Rio Nidans to markup a RN map (or otherwise describe) observed drainage issues during rainy times.  Please forward info to John or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1 so the information can be forwarded to the DPW to facilitate their drainage study of RN.
  • SUFFICIENT # FIRE HYDRANTS & PRESSURE?:  The committee is inquiring/discussing with the fire department to have the number of fire hydrants in RN evaluated, and should have a new fire hydrant document available by the end of June.  The group will also be requesting a water pressure test.  Forward observations on the RN fire hydrant infrastructure to John.

Beautification Committee

  • CLEANUP:  Jennifer/FRN is working with Doug/RNHOA to schedule a cleanup sometime this Summer.  There will be a station setup to collect reusable items, so that we can reduce the total waste sent to the landfill.  An ID demonstrating RN residency or other property owner paperwork will be required to dropoff items.  A wood chipping day may be setup after the cleanup using the services offered by the Fire Safety folks.  We will need volunteers!
  • FIRE HYRDANTS:  The Beautification Committee has painted our fire hydrants a buttercup yellow.  (Huge thanks to them all!)
  • PUBLIC PROPERTY MISUSE:  The group discussed continued observed instances of misuse of public property (e.g. for storage, wood splitting, trailers, etc).  Such issues can be reported to the county at (707) 565-3717.
  • POTHOLES:  Road issues and potholes can be reported at (707) 565-5100.  People have found that potholes that are reported, are filled within a matter of a couple of days.
  • THANKS:  A thank you to Elisabeth for her notable support of the Beautification Committee.  We need new committee members to fill her shoes!

Community Development Committee (previously "Business & Economic Viability")

  • Marsee is scheduling a meeting to find new opportunities for us to extend the reach and positive image of RN.  Contact the Communications Committe or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1 if you would like to join!
  • The website is routinely updated and kept vibrant thanks to the tireless work of the core members of this committee.  Email the website webmasters if you have any feedback on information to add or update/correct, and broken links.  (They are prompt!)

Safety & Security

  • SECURITY ALERTS are being disseminated when notable RN events occur, to the extent that such info is useful to help other Rio Nidans stay safe and keep their properties secure.  Contact the Communications Committee or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1 (from which we get emailed if a message arrives) if you have any such instances to report or related information.

Old & New Business

  • As mentioned above, the road sign proposal was approved by 77.7% of votes.

  • The revised FRN Bylaws was unanimously approved by voting members.

  • The FRN Conflict of Interest Policy was unanimously approved by voting members.

  • The FRN Articles of Incorporation was unanimously approved by voting members.

  • The FRN Board presented a draft FRN logo and collected feedback.  Email the FRN Board if you have any comments on the logo or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1.

  • The latest version of the Russian River Brand was shared and comments collected.  A design has been selected for the banners that are to be hung in Guerneville and possibly elsewhere.  It was discussed whether we would want any banners hung in Rio Nido

RRROC & Other Updates
Thanks to the dutiful and dedicated attendance of less than a handful of Rio Nidans, we were able to get all of our Rio-Nido-related Infrastructure projects approved at the May 19th RRROC meeting.  Congrats and huge thanks!  IF the Board of Supervisors also approves the funding, this will mean that: 

  • We will have official studies performed by the SoCo Department of Transportation of Public Works to assess the needs and funding needed for the:  (1) re-paving of prioritized Rio Nido roads, (2) a drainage study and the need for culverts and other water-flow solutions, (3) turn lanes to enter Rio Nido from either direction, and a (4) crosswalk to get to/from the bus stop.  
  • Two radar speed signs will be purchased to begin to slow people down as they approach our 25mph zone.
The next RRROC meeting is on June 16th at 6pm at the Monte Rio Community Center.  Information will be posted online a few days prior to the meeting.  At this point, the FRN Board is unaware of any Rio Nido-specific projects that will be discussed at the meeting.

Contract discussions to negotiate the purchase of the beach property that will serve as public access in the Rio Nido area are moving forward.  If the County's proposed agreement is approved by the seller, next steps will include a determination of fair market value and other property assessments.  More to come!

A reminder that there is an OPENING ON THE RRROC.  If you are a "Residential Tenant" (i.e. a renter), and are interested in serving on the RRROC, information is posted online: 
Notice of the VacancyInformation on the position, Application Form that you will need to fill out to apply for the position.  Since we have a FRN board member on the RRROC, feel free to email us if you have questions.


FRN Board Meetings

FRN Board has met three times since April and is making progress on moving towards 501c3 status (which designates us as a tax-exempt non profit organization).  Our sincere apologies for the delay in providing updates.  Following are the key decisions and updates from those meetings

April 18th meeting
  1. Until such time that we are able to accept tax-free donations, we may need to "pass a hat around" to ask for people to chip in on minor costs.  Donations have thus far gone to paying for 501c3 application/document processing fees, and a dump run by Fred.  As Treasurer, Jennifer is recording money received and how it is spent.
  2. The Board unanimously elected Marsee and Kim to be on the Communications Committee.
  3. John (President) has reserved the name "Friends of Rio Nido" with the California Secretary of State's Office.
  4. The Board unanimously approved Larry T joining the Infrastructure Committee.
  5. Jennifer (Treasurer) has determined that to setup a bank account at the Community Bank in Guerneville, we need to open it with $200 minimum, and pay $7/month (though it will be free after we become a 501c3).
May 6th meeting
  1. Marsee (Secretary) will post FRN Meeting notes on our website and archive them.
  2. The Board unanimously agreed to change the "Business & Economic Viability Committee" to be instead called "Community Development Committee."
  3. The Board unanimously appointed the following committee members to each of the FRN committees:  Beautification (Jennifer, Matt, Elena, Larry and Ingrid), Infrastructure (John, Larry, Kim, Robert V and Mike A), Community Development (Marsee, Kim L, Kim, Adam).
  4. The Board agreed that it will convene meetings with the Sheriff and other related Safety & Security meetings on an as-needed basis.  The Board would like to help manage the neighborhood captain list, and list of Rio Nidans interested in participating in Safety & Security communications in their neighborhood.
  5. Mosquito abatement is an issue in RN that is of interest to the Board, and may be further discussed in the future. 
June 5th meeting
  1. The Board unanimously agreed to have a Fire Safe Presentation at the upcoming membership meeting.
  2. Marsee (Secretary) provided information on the FRN phone number which has been obtained and will automatically email the Communications Committee when a voicemail is received:  (707) 200-3761 which is (707) 200-FRN1.  Marsee has also established a central location to store official FRN documents using a tool called Dropbox.
  3. The Board discussed the scope and intent of Security Notices being distributed, and aims to include as much useful and appropriate information on significant safety and security issues in a timely manner.
  4. The Board discussed methods to petition for support from experts in RN to aid with the development of the budget, and other FRN Board tasks requiring specific expertise. 
  5. The Board unanimously agreed to use a stacked-style logo on FRN business cards that will be printed (after collecting final feedback from members on this email).
  6. The Board underwent an extensive discussion/review of a Federal 1023 drafted by John (President).
Feel free to email the FRN Board or leave a message at (707) 200-FRN1 if you have questions on Board discussions or would like to join a committee.
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