BigML News, Issue #92, June 2021
EdgeML Webinar

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Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning are two transformative technological waves that not only improve the efficiency of existing processes or deliver cost savings but, together, they hold the potential to bring a whole new way of operating lean businesses. To boot, this sea change has the power to spark product and service innovations delivering new revenue streams. In order to realize this potential, it is critical to deploy and scale high performance, resource-efficient models on edge and endpoint IoT devices despite the limitations of hardware and complex hybrid networks including cloud services.
EdgeML Webinar

In this webinar, jointly organized with BigML partner A1 Digital, we will explore the different facets of Embedded Machine Learning with real-world use cases such as predictive maintenance in rail transportation that is used to detect equipment and infrastructure damage in real-time. Our expert speakers will be sharing the challenges addressed and lessons learned while building high-impact business solutions setting positive examples of how Machine Learning and IoT can be fused together to help redefine many industries in the 2020s.
Please visit the webinar page for more details.
EdgeML Webinar: Agenda

Register soon to reserve your spot. Space is limited!
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