BigML News, Issue #6, January 2014
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In this issue:
  • BigML Winter Release & Webinar
  • New feature: Sample datasets
  • New feature: Filter datasets
  • Text processing in action
  • Machine Learning Explained:  What’s next in machine learning?
  • BigML PredictServer is on AWS Marketplace
  • Keeping up with “What’s New” from BigML
  • BigML in the News
BigML Winter Release & Webinar
BigML Webinar

BigML kicked off 2014 with our Winter Release, which features major enhancements in speed, programmability and flexibility—including the ability to transform datasets on the fly, all within the BigML environment.  You can learn more about the winter release here.  Also, we’ll be holding a webinar on  January 28th where we’ll demonstrate the latest & greatest features and functionality—you can register for the webinar here.  In addition, with the Winter Release we upgraded our Development Mode so that every user can run unlimited tasks of up to 16MB for FREE. 

New Feature: Sample datasets
Sample datasets

Have you ever wanted to create a new dataset from a sample of your original dataset? Now you can using different sample rates, different ranges of instances, choosing between random or deterministic samples, using replacement or not, or using out-of-the-bag samples.  Log into your account to start sampling your datasets today!

New Feature: Filter datasets
Filter datasets

Have you ever wanted to create a new dataset to model a specific segment of your data? Now BigML comes with a simple but powerful way to create new datasets using combinations of filters on several fields of your dataset. This feature is even more powerful through the BigML API.

Text processing in action

Have you had a chance to leverage BigML’s new text processing functionality?  BigML now allows you to process multiple text fields, alongside numerical, categorical, date and time fields.  Read this blog post to see how BigML’s text analysis was used to predict wages for H-1B workers.

Machine Learning Explained: Machine Learning: Next!

In this blog post, BigML’s machine learning guru Charles Parker provided great insight on potential futures in machine learning, including ways to manage covariate shift and also approaches for semi-supervised learning.

BigML PredictServer on Amazon's AWS Marketplace
BigML PredictServer on Amazon's AWS Marketplace

BigML is proud to be an AWS Technology Partner, and we’re really excited to now feature the BigML PredictServer as a standalone offering on the AWS Marketplace.  If you already have an AWS account, you can simply access PredictServer through the marketplace –and the billing will route directly to your AWS account.

What's New

The BigML team is constantly rolling new features into the platform – so much so that it’s hard to keep up sometimes.  But fear not, simply visit our new What’s New page to get the lowdown on our latest and greatest features!  

BigML in the News

Extra, extra, read all about BigML!  We’ve had some nice write-ups lately in VentureBeat, IT World, GigaOM, and CITEWorld – and we were included in Gartner’s report on “Who’s Who in Advanced Analytics”.

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