BigML News, Issue #39, October 2017
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Product Update
With our latest release, we brought Deepnets, the world’s first deep learning algorithm capable of Automatic Network Detection and Structure Search, which automatically optimize model performance and minimize the need for expensive specialists to drive business value. The model decomposition for your Time Series is another feature added recently to the BigML platform. Check out our what's new page to stay up to date with all the latest features available.
BigML Certifications
BigML Certifications
Want to make the best of all that BigML can offer to implement real-life Machine Learning projects? Become a BigML Certified Engineer and get a jumpstart on the impending wave of Machine Learning driven systems. The ninth batch of the BigML Certifications starts tomorrow, on October 24, 2017.
BigML Events
PAPIs 2017
Meet us this week in Boston at PAPIs 2017, the 4th International Conference on Predictive APIs and Apps. The BigML Team is there to discuss the challenges of building real-world predictive applications. Dr. Charles Parker, BigML's VP of Machine Learning Algorithms, will be giving a talk about ML automation. 
The BigML Team will actively participate in these events taking place in October.  For more information, please visit the dedicated events page:
The Importance of Protecting your Inventions on Time
Legal Management Forum
BigML Put to Use
Fantasy Football and AI

Fantasy Football + Artificial Intelligence Cheat Sheet! Check how a predictive model dominates the author's 2017 fantasy football league with AI and ML.

PAPIs 2017

Interview with BigML's CEO, Francisco J. Martín, on the future impact of Machine Learning on the legal industry. Note: the text is in Spanish.

BigML Blog Highlights
Predicting TED Talks Popularity
Have you ever wondered what makes some TED talks 20 times more popular than others? Find out in this blog post, where we predict the popularity of TED talks and analyze the most influential factors.
Deepnets Blog Post Series
Check out our series of six blog posts introducing Deepnets, which progressively explain BigML's unique implementation of deep neural networks, beginning with the basics of this new resource and analyzing up to the practical and technical aspects.
WhizzML Blog Post Series
Learning WhizzML in 4 steps! Become a WhizzML-script-creator genius by reading this series of four blog posts about WhizzML, starting with the basic concepts and gradually diving into the technical details. 
BigML Gallery
BigML Gallery
Once you read the series of WhizzML blog posts, we highly recommend that you clone the WhizzML Scripts available in the BigML Gallery and share them with your colleagues!
Machine Learning Training
Machine Learning Training
Interested in a specific subset of Machine Learning techniques offered? Maybe you are looking to solve a specific use case and need some advice on alternative approaches. Don't fret. Let us help you with our Personalized Training sessions tailored for your needs.
Machine Learning Training
Machine Learning Training
We are still seeking enthusiastic, energetic and talented people that want to help us democratize Machine Learning and make it easy and beautiful for everyone. Check out our open positions and join the BigML Team!

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