BigML News, Issue #9, July 2014
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In this issue:
  • BigML in the wild!
  • New feature: Field Importance Histograms
  • Machine Learning in Action: Building a Predictive Browser Extension with BigML
  • Customer webinar: Using BigML + Tableau for Marketing analytics
  • New BigMLer Features for Evaluation-driven Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Perspectives: The People Who Would Teach Machines to Learn
  • Integrations with Dropbox and Amazon
  • New partner highlights
BigML in the Wild!
BigML in the Wild!

To date we've had over 10,000 BigML users who have built millions of predictive models, ensembles and clusters.  We’re starting to feature customer and partner success stories and perspective on our blog. Check out how Trendify uses BigML to predict start-up success, and get EngageHi2's perspective on the role for predictive analytics in the healthcare marketplace. Also, be sure to learn about how students at the University of Georgia and the University of Maryland (University College) are using BigML as part of their ongoing coursework.
We'll be adding to these showcases on our blog over time – you can always view the latest under our "Testimonials" category.

Got a BigML implementation that you want to share with the world? Let us know and we'll not only feature you in our blog, but we'll send you a shiny new BigML t-shirt as well!
New Feature: Field Importance Histograms
New Feature: Field Importance Histograms
We've added a new way to understand and visualize the most important fields in your predictive models and ensembles.

Learn more here, or simply access your current models and ensembles and see the new model summary report for yourself!
Customer Webinar: Using BigML + Tableau for Predictive Marketing
Using BigML + Tableau for Predictive Marketing

As we previously announced, BigML and Tableau have partnered to make it easy for joint users to add predictive visualizations in Tableau. (See David Gerster's demo of how to use the combined capabilities  here).

We're very excited that Tableau is hosting a webinar where G Scott Stukey of interactive agency AKQA will talk about how he leverages the power of both Tableau and BigML to visualize predictive analytics and help gain insights for his clients. Learn how he uses data from advertising servers and web analytics to consumer surveys and mobile traffic to understand what could happen.

Register today through Tableau at:
March Webinar: Building Predictive Apps with Bigml's API
Building a Predictive Browser Extension with BigML

You may recall the blog post we did several months ago predicting defaults on Kiva loans. That analysis was plenty interesting, but wouldn't it be cool if you could instantly get that information in your browser before deciding whether or not to offer a loan?
By leveraging Kiva's open API and BigML, we quickly built a Chrome extension that allows you to do exactly that. Learn more here!

New BigMLer Features: K-fold Cross Validation
New BigMLer Features: K-fold Cross Validation

As you surely know, BigMLer is our free high-level command line tool that you can use to accelerate your programmatic machine learning efforts. Learn here how the latest updates in BigMLer enable you to take an evaluation-guided approach to your machine learning projects, and be sure to also check out the updated BigMLer documentation.

Machine Learning Perspectives
The People Who Would Teach Machines to Learn

Our machine learning guru Charles Parker provides an insight on Dr. Douglas Hofstadter's research and approach to Artificial Intelligence, and ways that the machine learning community is seeking to tackle a similar objective of getting a computer to think like a human brain. Learn more here.


Integrations with Dropbox and Amazon
Integrations with Dropbox and Amazon

To make your life easier we've made it possible for you to directly access and pull your Dropbox files into BigML. Learn more on how to use this new capability here. In addition, we've linked up with Amazon so that you can now authenticate into BigML with your Amazon ID.

New Partner Highlights
New Partner Highlights

We're excited to add two new companies to our community of service delivery partners. The Hackerati offers an array of development services, including a close focus on Machine Learning applications – all from their headquarters in New York. EngageHi2 has wealth of healthcare IT domain expertise and will be leveraging BigML to bring machine learning and predictive analytics to healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes. 

Interested in becoming a BigML partner?  Contact us at for more information.

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