BigML News, Issue #73, June 2019

The first edition of our Machine Learning Summer School in The Netherlands is here! On July 8-11, at the Nyenrode Business Universiteit, in Breukelen, executives, managers, decision makers, technology and business professionals, will get a good overview of how Machine Learning has evolved and where the industry is headed, both from a technical and business perspective. We will learn the must-know core Machine Learning concepts and techniques and innovative real-world use cases to understand how companies are already applying it. Moreover, we will cover the benefits and ways of adopting Machine Learning in any size organization. Finally, the attendees will have the chance to immediately apply the new skills learned as part of a practical workshop.

Here are the distinguished lecturers that will be presenting at #DutchMLSchool
DAY 1: Machine Learning for Executives

Machine Learning: Why Now? - by Atakan Cetinsoy, VP of Predictive Applications at BigML.

Machine Learning: A Business Perspective - by Enrique Dans, IE University.

Digital Strategy and AI - by Jeroen van der Velden, Nyenrode.

Machine Learning for Fraud Detection - by Wibout De Klijne, Rabobank.

Machine Learning for Managers - by Jan W Veldsink, Nyenrode, Rabobank, and Grio. Check out his interview about the event here!

Machine Learning for Law - by Marco Caspers, JuriBlox.

DAY 2-3: Main Conference

Machine Learning: Technical Perspective - by Tom Dietterich, BigML.

Anatomy of an Application: Machine Learning End-to-End - by Poul Petersen, BigML.

Machine Learning Techniques - by Charles Parker, BigML.

Machine Learning for Logistics: Predicting Expedition Outcome - by César Henández, T2Client.

Machine Learning for Energy Trading and the Automotive Sector - by Francis Cepero, A1 Digital.

Data Preparation for Machine Learning - by Paul Roberts, Trifacta, sponsoring the DutchMLSchool.

DAY 4: Workshop

Machine Learning Put to Use - by Mercè Martín Prats, VP of Insights and Applications at BigML.

Automating your own Machine Learning Projects - by jao, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at BigML.

Check the full agenda and the BigML blog for more details on each talk.
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