BigML News, Issue #7, March 2014
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In this issue:
  • Attention Tableau Users!
  • New Feature: Open & Improved Sunburst
  • Announcing Initial BigML Partners
  • March Webinar: Building Predictive Apps with BigML's API
  • Machine Learning Explained: A Simple Machine Learning Method to Detect Covariate Shift
  • New Video Resources
  • BigML “Supermodels”
  • Highlights from Our Blog: BigML + sci-kit learn, One Million Models & More
Attention Tableau Users!
Tableau Partner

We’re excited to let you know that BigML has become a Tableau Technology Partner. Through this collaboration we will be working to identify ways that users of both tools can have a more seamless and powerful experience. As a first step, we’ve already launched a new feature that lets you export your BigML model directly to Tableau as a calculated field – you can see this in action here

We’re eager to hear from BigML users who are also Tableau customers so that we can get your feedback and provide you with early access to future implementations. If you’re willing and interested to share your perspective with us, please email 
New Feature: Open & Improved Sunburst
Embed Sunburst

We often get requests to bring BigML’s visualizations into webpages, reports, etc. We’re happy to let you know that you can now embed the Sunburst visualization – meaning that you can publish and share an interactive view of your predictive models in your own web applications. Read the post here to learn more!

Announcing BigML Partners
BigML Partners

BigML has published our initial list of Technology and Service partners. We encourage you to look to these innovative companies for complementary solutions and services that can help augment your current machine learning efforts.

Interested in becoming a partner? Please email us at

March Webinar: Building Predictive Apps with Bigml's API
March Webinar

Please join us on March 11 at 10AM Pacific for an interactive webinar where we’ll show you how you tap into our API for advanced machine learning and predictive analytics projects.  Space is limited, so register here today!

Did you miss our last webinar which covered highlights from our Winter Release through a loan risk assessment use case? If so, view the summary and archive here

Machine Learning Explained:  A Simple Machine Learning Method to Detect Covariate Shift
Machine Learning Explained: A simple Machine Learning Method to Detect Covariate Shift

Over time it is common for the performance of a predictive model to degrade when the distribution generating the new data varies from the distribution that generated the data used to train the model. Read this blog post to see how you can use machine learning to learn whether your models will be performing well over time or not.

New Video Resources
New Video Resources

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we think that videos that quickly show you how to get the most out of BigML are absolutely invaluable.  Check out this video on “Fast Model training with BigML,” this video on “Easy Predictive Modeling with BigML and Tableau,” and also our archived webinars and related content on our training page.  

BigML "Supermodels"
BigML "Supermodels"

While Sports Illustrated is busy celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Swimsuit edition, we’re happy to let you know BigML has some good looking models of our own in our Gallery that you can check out and clone into your modeling dashboard. Check out this model predicting sentiment from the United States’ General Social Survey on whether Atheists should be allowed to teach college, or this model predicting the computing language for machine learning repos on Github. 

Do you have a killer model of your own? Share it in our gallery and let us know – if we like it we’ll highlight it in a future newsletter or blog post!

Highlights from our Blog:  BigML + sci-kit learn, One Million Models & More
Highlights from our Blog

Our blog is a great resource for keeping up to date on the latest from BigML, as well as key trends in the machine learning marketplace. Read this post on how to use BigML’s API + sci-kit learn, this post on our 1 millionth predictive model, and this post on how to manage tags through multi-label predictions with BigMLer!

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