BigML News, Issue #10, September 2014
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Hi <<Full Name>>,

On September 25, we will be unveiling BigML's Late Summer 2014 Release.  It is
comprised of many exciting new features—highlighted by BigML's new Anomaly Detection functionality. Please join us for a live webinar on September 25 at 10AM Pacific.

Some of the new features that we'll be highlighting include:
Anomaly Detection

Automatically pinpointing rare data points is critical if you are working on fraud detection, medical diagnosis, preventing defects, cleaning up data and many other problems. Now you can build a top performer anomaly detector in just one click or programmatically via BigML's REST API. You will be able to automatically detect outliers, bogus data, noise and exceptions in your dataset—or use the anomaly detector to score new data.

Model Cluster

Now you can automatically create a model for each cluster that will not only help you better understand the cluster, but also use it to classify new instances.

Missing Splits

As we know that cleaning up data might be hard and having all the input data handy at prediction time is important, we have built a new option to create models that will generate predicates that explicitly deal with missing values. 

Online Predictions

New client-side predictions make it easier than ever to explore the influence of each field in your models, ensembles or clusters. In addition, we are open sourcing the related Javascript libraries so you can leverage this functionality to build very powerful and dynamic apps and web services.

Fast Ensembles

We have refined the way the models of an ensemble are built to save a great amount of time in data transportation. This will dramatically speed up creation of your ensembles. 

And much, much more!

So please do join us on September 25, and get ready to start tapping into this exciting new functionality!


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