BigML News, Issue #90, April 2021

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The mobility industry has been the beneficiary of many different Machine Learning applications that are having a great and visible impact. As the amount of data generated by millions of vehicles and vessels on intelligent, connected transportation systems increase exponentially, novel real-time insights are becoming commercially feasible. That is, if your organization has hit its stride with its digital transformation. Empowered with data and Machine Learning, transportation industry leaders and decision makers have the opportunity to do more with less, while simultaneously finding effective ways to make their industry more environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Interested in finding out how?
BigML is thrilled to organize a virtual conference about the Intelligent Mobility industry. Presenters will be sharing real-world examples of Machine Learning applications that are dramatically improving mobility systems and infrastructure while facilitating the rapid transportation of goods and commodities that make the global economic engine hum.
We are currently calling for speakers!
Here are some topics we would love to hear about at the virtual conference on Intelligent Mobility:
  • Real-world examples and Machine Learning use cases on route optimization, shipping volume prediction, predictive fleet maintenance, real-time vehicle tracking, traffic condition prediction, better plate recognition, signal monitoring, dynamic pricing, and more!
  • Autonomous transportation: Self-driving cars, trucks, ships, and drones.
  • Public Transportation Services.
  • The societal impact of Machine Learning in the Intelligent Mobility industry: Where we are and where we are headed.
  • Comparisons between how different countries and authorities are approaching the transportation challenge while meeting environmental and climate change goals.
Are you applying Machine Learning to solve a challenging mobility problem and want to share it with thousands of people? We are looking for creative speakers like you! If you think that you are a good candidate to present please submit your proposal before April 30, 2021 at 11:59 PM CEST. Share your story with an audience of innovators, practitioners, and decision makers from around the world!
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