BigML News, Issue #70, April 2019
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Check out the latest BigML highlights as well as our upcoming events as our growing ecosystem of users, customers, and partners keep delivering top-notch Machine Learning solutions.
BigML Releases
Linear Regression
BigML's latest release has brought Linear Regression to our platform, a well-known algorithm for supervised learning often used to analyze product performance, conduct market research, perform sales forecasting, and make stock market predictions, among many other use cases. This simple to understand and interpretable technique assumes a linear relationship between the input fields and the objective field, enabling you to summarize relationships between quantitative, continuous variables. BigML's implementation of linear regression can support any type of field including categorical, text, and items fields, and can even handle missing values
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BigML Events
Having completed our first Machine Learning School in Seville, which took place on March 7-8 with participation from 184 decision makers, we continue our march with these upcoming events:
BigML and GoHub. Machine Learning for Startups

Francisco Martin, BigML's CEO and Co-Founder, will present how startups can use Machine Learning techniques and benefit from them.
Trademetrics 2019
Trademetrics 2019, the international conference on Web Metrics focused on the combination of SEO and digital analytics, will analyze the most relevant tools available on the market for that matter, such as BigML. 
Machine Learning workshop
Introduction to Machine Learning: A practical workshop to learn the basic concepts of Machine Learning, its evolution, and how it is being applied in the real world. You will also be able to build your first predictive model with the BigML platform. Register today!
Partnership: GoHub + BigML
Partnership: A1 Digital + BigML
Partnership: WorkAround + BigML
Partnership: SlicingDice + BigML
Partnership: Jidoka + BigML
Check out how you can collaborate with BigML to bring the power of Machine Learning to your customers faster, better, and cheaper! Partner perks include personalized training, revenue share, discounts to BigML, as well as increased exposure to new, data-driven business prospects. Contact us today at
In addition to our regular series of blog posts about the Linear Regression release, you may also find interesting the following posts.​
BigML Node Red
Powering the Next Wave of Intelligent IoT Devices with Machine Learning: 
WhizzML Scripts

Powerful WhizzML Scripts explained:​
BigML Lite
BigML Lite
Ready to adopt Machine Learning in your organization the right way? Try BigML Lite, the Private Deployment offering that makes enterprise Machine Learning more accessible than ever. Ideal for companies ready to implement their first production use cases in a robust and efficient way, BigML Lite lets your company harness the full power of the BigML platform on a single server at a significantly reduced price. Forget about wildly expensive and overly complex solutions. BigML Lite, Ready, Steady, Go!
Team Openings and Internships
BigML Openings and Internships
Are you an enthusiastic, energetic and talented professional who wants to help us democratize Machine Learning? Check out our open positions and apply to join the BigML Team! If you are still studying, we also want to meet you! Find here the available positions for our 2019 Interns!
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