BigML News, Issue #5, September 2013
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BigML is very excited to share with you our Fall 2013 Release, the greatest step forward in BigML's platform since our service came out of Beta late last year.

The Fall 2013 Release Includes:

Text Analysis
Have you ever wanted to create predictive models using a mix of structured and unstructured data but weren't able to find a package or service available to do so?  BigML now allows you to process multiple text fields, alongside numerical, categorical, date and time fields. BigML has implemented a number of basic Natural Language Processing techniques to spot relationships between text content and other properties of your data. For example, wouldn't it be good to know what keywords from your social media feed are resulting in the most social media shares?  This is now possible through BigML.

Multi-label Classifications
Sometimes you need to assign multiple classes (labels) to your data. For example, what subjects a student will enroll next year?  Or, what keywords best describe a text?  BigMLer, our command-line tool for Machine Learning, makes multi-label classification very easy: in just one line you can generate a combination of models that will help you predict all the classes to which a new instance belongs.

Microsoft Excel® Export
Microsoft Excel is one of the most pervasive “analytics” tools on the market today. Now you can export your BigML models and make them actionable on Excel—letting anyone in your organization make predictions on the go and analyze BigML models from the comfort of their own tools and environment.

BigML PredictServer
A dedicated server available from Amazon Web Services that lets you run lightning fast predictions against a model or ensemble you created in BigML. Available today in early access form, PredictServer is a great solution for customers that need predictions in real-time or in large batches.

Confusion Matrix
A highly-requested enhancement to BigML’s Evaluations, BigML's intuitive confusion matrix makes it easy for you to visualize the performance of your classification models and ensembles by quickly showing you the actual vs. predicted results highlighting false negatives and false positives. Also exportable to Microsoft Excel.

Secret Links
Have you ever wanted to share a model with a colleague, but not post it in BigML’s Gallery? Now you can through a simple copy & paste!  As always, your data is completely safe with us—the link provides access to the model, and nothing else.

Inline Field Editing
Add labels and descriptions to fields in your sources and datasets that will carry over to your models and predictions—this is great for making your data easier to understand and analyze.

Learn more about these exciting new features by viewing the video or slides of our September 25 webcast.

All of these new features are available immediately. They work with your pre-existing data sources but you might need to recreate your datasets to include the new text analysis. Just log into your account or fire up BigMLer and get started today!

We love to hear from BigML users—please contact us at with any feedback or questions.

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