BigML News, Issue #81, June 2020
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Here are the latest updates on how the BigML Machine Learning platform is making an impact on our society with the help of our business and academic partner ecosystem.
We are excited to announce that BigML and our partner A1 Digital are jointly taking the initiative to extend Machine Learning capacity to research institutions free of charge to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
PlusVitech wins the #EUvsVirus hackathon, the largest one recorded worldwide, with their effective treatment to save lives from COVID-19 lung damage, where they use BigML to predict the best drug treatment for each patient.
Today, marketing is at the forefront of Digital Transformation initiatives of many businesses. As such, we would like to highlight several use cases demonstrating how Machine Learning is helping marketing professionals to work more efficiently and in a data-driven manner.

Machine Learning can help SEO and Digital Marketing professionals in many ways. This article presents a real-life example of how to categorize keywords automatically and accurately by utilizing Machine Learning models.

SEO and marketing professionals use Machine Learning to find out whether adding keywords in title tags can increase organic search clicks among many similar use cases. See this tutorial for more details.


Machine Learning in Retail and Wholesale: Accurate and Affordable Demand Forecasting by catsAi.  

Machine Learning in Industrial Chemicals: Process Quality Optimization.

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