BigML News, Issue #31, July 2017
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Product Update
Time Series
Time Series, the latest BigML resource is about to be released! This is a supervised learning method that characterizes the properties of ordered sequences, and forecasts their future behavior. Time Series is available from the BigML Dashboard, the API, as well as WhizzML for its automation. It is commonly used for predicting stock prices, sales forecasting, website traffic, production and inventory analysis among many other use cases. Don’t miss BigML’s Spring release and join us on Thursday, July 20, 2017, at 10:00 AM US PDT / 07:00 PM CEST for a FREE live webinar
Valencian Summer School in Machine Learning 2017

The third edition of our Summer School in Machine Learning will be held in Valencia on September 14-15. The last edition was completed by over 140 participants from 19 countries representing 53 companies and 21 academic organizations. This year we have room for over 200 attendees and 26 countries are represented so far!

Enrique Dans, the prolific Spanish blogger and Professor at IE Business School, will also join us to explain the impact that Machine Learning is having in the Real World, focusing on how all business organizations have changed their way of working. Find out about the program, lecturers, featured talks, venue, and more details here!

BigML Put to Use

The HR analytics team at ABN AMRO relies on BigML for multiple use cases. They experienced that the BigML interface is well accepted by their customers, who can easily run models on suggested targets of their populations.

Short BigML tutorial to showcase some Machine Studying basic principles. This post was written by Bill Schmarzo, CTO at Dell EMC Expert services, and it has been promoted on several sites.

Check out a subscriber churn prediction use case example built on BigML. This article shows how easily you can predict which of your customers or subscribers are at high risk to churn, without a single line of coding.


BigML in the News

Tom Dietterich, BigML's Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, was interviewed by National Science Review as well as in Spain's most highly circulated daily newspaper.
BigML's CEO and Co-Founder, Francisco J. Martín, during his visit to Spain last month, was interviewed by Spain's leading national radio.

PAPIs Connect, Latin America's 1st conference on real-world ML applications successfully hosted the 6th edition of the AI Startup Battle organized by BigML joint venture, PreSeries


BigML Blog Highlights

A video recording of BigML's Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Professor Tom Dietterich’s speech at the 2ML conference, Machine Learning: Past, Present and Future.

A joint webinar video recording: BigML Machine Learning meets Trifacta Data Wrangling. It presents a demo on how to solve a loan risk analysis use case.


Embracing Machine Learning: How to get two steps ahead of everyone else. What can Artificial Intelligence actually do for your company? Or is it just all hype?


Machine Learning Training
Machine Learning Training
With BigML Certifications, you can get a jumpstart on the impending wave of ML-driven systems. The next batch starts on August 8. We also offer Personalized Training sessions that can more precisely fit your team’s learning needs in the event that you’d like to concentrate on certain aspects of the BigML platform.
Education Program
Education Program
BigML is promoting Machine Learning among many educational institutions to help increase ML-literacy. If you are looking to rapidly boost your ML skills, our hands on Education Program that assumes no prior ML experience is ideal for you. Become our BigML Ambassador today and get ahead of the curve!
Team Openings
Team Openings
We are seeking enthusiastic, energetic and talented people that want to help us democratize Machine Learning and make it easy and beautiful for everyone. Check out our open positions and join the BigML Team!

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