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Vehicle Deposit Update -12/04/12
Mongol Rally 2012

Vehicle Deposits

As most of you should know by now the excise taxes to import vehicles to Mongolia have increased significantly for 2012, these increases are set by the Mongolian Customs Department and mean an increase in the liability for our charity partner AFDM*, which has meant we will need to increase your vehicle deposits. Most of you will see an increase to £1350 which we will return in full unless you do something stupid.

We take the deposit to protect AFDM from any losses caused by vehicles being dumped or intentionally damaged by teams; while 99% of teams always do their utmost to deliver their cars in good condition, every year this sadly means two or three teams misbehave which costs AFDM money to rectify, we are obliged to retain deposits in order to reimburse AFDM and so the price of the deposit needs to reflect the risk to AFDM.

New Vehicle Deposits
Vehicles 0-6 years old
Vehicles 7-9 years old
Vehicles 10 years plus
(leaving Mongolia after the rally)
Approved Emergency/Service vehicles
£400 per bike

You will need to register your vehicle by 18th May and pay the deposit by 15th June.

Deposit returns
These deposits are usually completely returnable; in 2011 only three teams had deposits retained and this was for willfully vandalising or abandoning their vehicles. We don't look to keep your money where we don't need to and we acknowledge cars get damaged on the road to Mongolia through accidents and rough terrain. Providing your premeditated actions do not cause ourselves or AFDM to lose money you will get all your deposit back in full.

Ways to lose your deposit
-Dumping your vehicle in the Mongolian countryside (not at a dropoff point)
-Modifications to your vehicle which devalue its sale value
-Vandalising your vehicle or vehicles of other teams
-Not handing in your vehicle paperwork at the finish line

*Who are AFDM?
AFDM (Adventures For Development Mongolia), are the NGO who you hand your vehicle to when you finish the rally. The proceeds from selling your car once import taxes are paid are distributed amongst local charitable projects. They do a fantastic job and would not exist without your generosity.

Thank you for your understanding, if you want a chat about any of this drop me a line.

Mongol Rally Vice Chief

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