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World Jungle Creative Schools - January 2017

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Happy new year from our Creative Schools team. Here are 5 top workshops to kick start the new term. More details on these and other workshops can be found on our website.
About World Jungle
We are passionate about supporting children and young people by providing opportunities to gain new experiences, broaden horizons and open their eyes to the possibilities that exist within their community and the wider world. Read more

For more information or to arrange a workshop for your school, please contact Louise Amato from our Creative Schools Team:

A creative approach to British Values

'Exploring British Values through Creativity and the Arts' is a programme of workshops that incorporates a mix of creative activities including games, dance, storytelling, drama and arts to explore British Values. Choose from individual sessions based around the themes of Individual Liberty, Respect & Tolerance, Equality & Discrimination or Democracy.  

Our tutors are experienced in using the arts to explore complex ideas in an age-appropriate and engaging way.  The workshops will help bring the topic to life for your pupils, providing a memorable experience to help support your school to embed these values in to your culture.


Carnival Music and Dance

Carnival provides the perfect medium to explore South American and Caribbean culture in its many forms. Full of colour, energy and sound, the children will have the opportunity to learn some incredible moves and rhythms and develop their very own carnival procession!

We offer a number of workshops for you to choose from under this theme including Carnival Dance, Samba Drumming and Carnival Arts. Please get in touch for details.
" The tutor brought out the best in our children and it was so wonderful to see their joy! Also the joy on the faces of our parents watching their children and during our carnival procession time was so special. We will definitely use World Jungle again - just amazing!" St Osmund's Catholic Primary School
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All the fun of the Circus!

Energetic and great fun, our circus skills workshops are a fantastic way to build confidence and try a variety of new skills including juggling, unicycling, devil sticks, diablos and poi. One key point is that everybody regardless of ability or background can engage in the activity and have fun. It helps develop a range of social, physical and emotional skills and can be used to support the national curriculum linking to areas such as PE, Art, Literacy, Science.


African Drumming and Dance

African Drumming - Experience a taste of African culture through music in this fun and interactive workshop where participants will have the opportunity to play a traditional West African piece of music using Djembe Drums. Through learning different drum beats, the workshop improves co-ordination and motor skills, develops listening skills and concentration, promotes working together as part of a group, improves confidence through performing, and encourages creativity and self-expression.

African Dance - These fun, energetic and lively workshops also educate participants about the meanings of the dances promoting a deeper understanding of the rich culture of the African people. Participants will learn how to respond to the African rhythms that accompany the dances by clapping and singing the rhythmic patterns.

World Rhythm

These workshops offer an introduction to rhythms and drumming from various world music traditions. Available as a single one off workshop or as longer term projects, participants learn about Indian, West African & Middle Eastern / Arabic drumming and associated rhythms. The workshops are mainly run with students participating through vocal percussion, clapping, stamping etc. This also enables teachers & students to continue developing work after the workshop without the need for specific instruments.

Why choose World Jungle?

  • We understand what your school is required to deliver by Ofsted.
  • Whilst being fun and full of creative ideas, our workshops deliver real outcomes.
  • Our creative team is highly experienced in using the arts to explore complex ideas.
  • We have won two local business awards in the last three years for our services to the community as well as a national award for our work on bridging cultures. 

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Mrs R Wyatt, SENCO & Deputy Head at Cam Woodfield Junior School,
Glos Ed Lead SEND, describing a World Jungle programme:
“…provides a wonderful, fun filled and unique opportunity for children to experience a wide variety of activities, from cooking, to circus skills, playing games and outdoor pursuits.  Great fun and life enhancing!”
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