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APRIL 2013


Dues Notice:

Annual dues for I.B.M. Ring 71 members are due by July 1st of each year.
Unfortunately, waiting until the summer for dues receipts puts us at a disadvantage for cash budgeting purposes.
Members are encouraged to pay their 2013-2014 dues at or before our May meeting, to save on summer dues notice costs.
Dues are $35.00 for adults, and $20 for junior (age 12 to 17) memberships.  

Please bring your dues the Ring meeting (auction or lecture), or mail the dues payment to:
    Charles Arkin, Secretary
    3659 Langhorst Court
    Cincinnati, OH   45236

President's Message

Dear friends and fellow magicians,

The 2012-2013 magical year is soon coming to a close.  Recently we have had:
Friday March 22 – Lecture by Kozmo (AKA AS Ted Brainard),
Kozmo entertained us with his street magic act, and afterwards explained the how for all the effects in the act. 
He also told many stories about why he got into street magic, and some of his many amusing adventures. 
If you missed this great lecture, that's your fault.
So, don’t miss these activities for the remainder of the year before the summer break.
Saturday April 27 – Annual IBM Auction. Look for more info elsewhere in this Zig-Zag. 
We have at least fifteen (15) sellers so far – if you have “treasures” that you might want to pass to others for their use,
contact Chuck Arkin to add you name to the Seller list.  Even if you have only a few items to sell, bring them and we can sell them for you.
Tuesday May 14 – Lecture by Daryl.  Daryl will be passing thru on his way to the FFFF in New York. 
This is a Tuesday night, but we could not pass up the opportunity to see this lecture. 
The SAM assembly will co-sponsor this lecture with Ring 71.  Check for additional information about this lecture.
Friday May 24 – Lecture by Barry Mitchell.  Barry is one of the country’s finest kid and family show entertainers.   
He has  invented magic tricks, written stories, books, and DVDs. 
He has lectured at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and the Magic Circle in London.
Speaking of May, we will also have the election of officers for the 2013-2014 magic year at the May meeting. 
I have enjoyed being your president for the past two years, but now is the time for someone else to take control. 
If you would like to run for President or any other office in ring 71, please nominate yourself (or anyone else for that matter). 
Please let either myself or Mark Wiechman know your interests.  Thanks.
Also – Membership dues for 2013-2014 will soon be due.  Ring 71 WILL accept dues payment at any time for next year. 
This Zig Zag provides dues information.  We will also be sending dues notices in a month or so, if you have not paid by then. 
The more members we have when the board meets this summer, will help us plan the upcoming year’s activities.
See you at the auction on Saturday April 27th.
Don Hinton
President Ring 71 2012-2013
(513) 248-0773


When: Saturday, April 27, 2013
Where: Haines House of Cards - 2514 Leslie Ave, Norwood, Ohio
            10:00 a.m. til 11:30 – Doors open for Volunteers and Sellers to set-up room
-          Seller Sign-Up Sheets completed
            11:00 a.m. til Noon – Buyers to Preview collection items on tables
-          Buyer Sign-In Sheets completed
            11:55 a.m. – The order of the collections will be randomly drawn from a hat
            Noon   Auction Begins.  Round #1 – fifteen (15) minutes for each collection
                                                     Round #2 (if needed) – ten (10) minutes each collection
            Noon til 5:00 p.m. – Food and Beverage available for purchase. 
- All food in auction room must be purchased onsite.
General Rules:
1.      Each person entering pays a $5.00 entry fee and receives auction paddle
2.      All sales are final.
3.      Purchases are “as is, where is”.  There is no guaranty of quality or workability
4.      No secondary sales at the auction.  You buy it; you keep it.
5.      Auction Chairperson (Arkin) has sole authority to resolve any disputes.
6.      Entire auction is “live”.  No silent auction.
1.      Each Seller - write your last name on each box, so it is not mixed with others.

2.      Sellers should be present during the auction, to clarify questions on their collection.

3.      Sellers place each auction item in a clear container, and attach label with:
a.       Description of item (e.g. cups and balls)
b.      Minimum bid amount (easier to sell if no minimums)
c.       Any comments such as condition, whether instructions included, etc.

4.      Buyers must bid in increments of $1.00 or more in whole dollars (no cents)

5.      Auctioneer will call for bids on each item

6.      Bidders should raise their paddles and shout out clearly to be heard

7.      Runners will deliver each won bid to each successful bidder at their seat

8.      Record keepers (behind the auctioneer) will record each transaction on a
a.       Sell Sheet – one for each collection number
b.      Buy Sheet – one for each person who has auction paddle

9.      Buyers may record also record their purchases on hand-out sheet.
         That is your record of purchases, and will be compared to each item when you pay and leave the room.

10.  When buyer is ready to pay and leave, go to sign-in table and stand in line. 
       We will get your Buy Sheet from the Recorders table.

11.  Accounting person will receive money (no credit cards) and sign your Buy Sheet.

12.  No items may be removed from the auction room without payment.

13.  Our “Magic Greeter” will stand at door and match your buy items to your Buy Sheet.

14.  Sellers will be mailed checks after checks clear, or earlier if deemed by Treasurer


IBM Ring 71 Officers

President: Don Hinton
Vice-President: Mickie Pyles
Treasurer: Pat Hartzel
Secretary: Chuck Arkin
Sgt. at Arms: Rick Gaffney
Board of Governors: Larry Payne, Ron Lawson, Frank Johnston, Mark Wiechman, Cinde Wolf

Good and Welfare: Mark Wiechman
Webmaster: Jeff Brown
Refreshments: Rick Gaffney
Newsletter Editor: Chuck Arkin

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  • Haines House of Cards
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  • Professor Pryor's Magic Emporium
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  • The Magic Shop
    526 Philadelphia Street
    Covington, KY 41011

Questions? Suggestions? Contact or Ring President Don Hinton ( or 513-248-0773).

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