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President's Message

Dear friends and fellow magicians,

The Magic year is half over, and there is a lot more magic and fun to come!
We have had lectures, a workshop, close-up contest, and Magi-Fest.
Here is what we still have to look forward to:
Saturday February 23rd – We will hold our annual ‘Holiday Banquet’ at the Farm.     The banquet is held along with the SAM assembly #11. 
Prepaid reservations are requested. We have extended the early bird reservation for one additional week!  

If your reservations are prepaid on or before February 11th, the price will be $25.00 for each member and only $20.00 for the member's spouse,
best friend or other relationship. 

For additional guests of the member, the cost will be $25.00 per person. 
Reservations made after February 12th will be $30.00 per person. 
See the reservation form elsewhere in the Zig-Zag. 

Entertainment will be by Ron Frank (“Mr. Magic”) from Columbus.
Ron is a professional entertainer, the Territorial Vice President representing
Ohio for the IBM, and he previously won first place in the senior stage competition at Magi-Fest!
Friday March 22nd – Lecture by Kozmo (also known as Ted Brainard).  Kozmo also is known for the on-line REEL MAGIC endeavor. 
We had hoped to have Ted several years ago, but it did not happen due to scheduling difficulties.  Be prepared to be amazed and entertained!
Saturday April 27th – We will hold our annual auction at Haines. 
This will again be on a Saturday.  So gather those magic items that you no longer use and want to turn into cash for yourself,
and make out your wishlist of items that you would like to purchase at bargain prices!

There will certainly be many items that can be used to perform magic shows, entertain friends and customers, and add to your magic collection.
Friday May 24th – We will welcome a lecture by Barry Mitchell. 
Barry is one of the top family and children’s entertainers!
I very much look to this lecture, and hope you will join us! 

The election for the 2013-2014 officers will also be held at the beginning of our May meeting.
If you would like to run for an office in the IBM Ring, or wish to nominate someone else, please let me know, as elections are coming soon.
Make you banquet reservations ASAP. 
Thanks, and see you soon!
Don Hinton
President, Ring 71 (2012-2013)
Phone: (513) 248-0773


IBM Ring #71 and SAM Assembly # 11, proudly presents:

The 2013 Annual Holiday Banquet

When:  Saturday February 23rd, 2013, doors open at 6:30 PM
Where: The Farm   239 Anderson Ferry Road, in Cincinnati, Ohio
What will occur: Dinner, Raffle, Magic by Columbus Ring # 7, plus other surprises!
Advance prepaid registration by February 11, 2013
Members - $25
Member and significant other - $45
Guests of member - $25 each
Non Members $30 each
After February 2nd - $30 per person
Fill out with a check payable to IBM Ring #71 and either mail to:
Don Hinton
775 Dorgene Lane
Cincinnati, OH  45222


Bring the registration fee to Betty Winzig at Haines House of Cards.
Use the Advance registration slip provided.
Annual Holiday Banquet
February 23rd 2013
located at: 239 Anderson Ferry Road, in Cincinnati
Early Bird Registration
Member and Significant Other     $45             ___________                      
Member only                                $25              ___________
Member’s Guests                        $25 each     ___________
Non Member                                $30  each   ___________

After February 11th                      $30 each for every person 
(we also accept walk-in reservations on day of the event, though prefer advance reservations)
Amount enclosed                       $______________________
Mail with check payable to IBM Ring #71 to
          Don Hinton
          775 Dorgene Lane
          Cincinnati, OH  45244
Hand-deliver check or cash, to Betty Winzig at Haines House of Cards. 

CLOSE-UP CONTEST RECAP AND RESULTS (My apologies, this was omitted from the earlier email)

On January 18, 2013, Ring 71 held its annual close-up contest at Haines House of Cards in Norwood, Ohio.  
Mickie Pyles, our Vice President and master of ceremonies, informed the audience of upcoming magic events. 

Helen Fehn then warmed up the audience with her comedic stories about her earlier days as a "box-jumper" for her magician husband Bill
She  proceeded to give an enjoyable mind-reading demonstration with a deck of cards.
After this warm-up, Mickie Pyles explained the contest rules, and introduced Bill Pryor as our first contestant. 

Mr. Pryor (the "Dean of Cincinnati Magicians") showed the audience three ropes of different lengths and different colors.  
He tied a knot onto one rope, magically vanished the rope, and then combined the other two ropes with great comedic effect.
Bill finished with the "Bionic Card" routine, involving a three-card routine where blank cards changed into numbered cards
The audience enjoyed Bill's humor and smooth presentation

Ring 71 President Don Hinton performed a wonderful coin cup magic routine, including several penetrations, vanishes, and productions. 
His routine included the "Chicago Opener" routine ending with card in wallet.  He concluded with his amazing Reverse Matrix routine,
astonished the audience and resulted in several favorable comments from Jeff McBride. 
Mr. McBride was our surprise guest, appearing this evening to promote magic and provide the top three contestants with gift certificates
to his magic workshop held later that weekend.

Spencer Malone started his act with a very clean four-Ace routine that produced four coins, which he then vanished in expert fashion. 
Spencer used several methods to display cards and showcase his expert card handling techniques.  
He concluded with a "Triumph" card routine where the chosen card ended up back in the card case, and mixed up cards re-appeared
in Ace through King order of each suit. 

Jason Smith followed by producing a bowling ball from an "empty" paper bag, then vanishing a signed $5 bill and made it re-appear inside one of the bowling ball holes. 
He concluded by having volunteer Mark Wiechman pick a random bead from a bag, toss the bead into Jason's mouth,
and then place needles and thread inside Jason's mouthThis routine finished with Jason magically threading the needles and bead together on the thread,
which Mark pulled very slowly from Jason's mouth. 
This received a very good audience response, though certainly is not something we would promote for a younger audience. 

Greg Wier performed a Matrix routine, then displayed dexterity with a cutting-to-the-four-Aces routine.
He showed a color change with chosen red card appearing in a blue deck. 
His finale consisted of a funny story about using magic to show his version of "Invasion of the body snatchers". 

Next, contestant Presto Paul opened his act with a quick change of four one-dollar bills, into four one-hundred dollar bills. 
He then performed a very good "Triumph" card routine that included a deck switch as the volunteer's chosen card magically reappeared face-up
inside a brand new deck that had not been previously opened. 

Contestant Denny Metz began his routine with a very strong levitation effect; with focus and concentration, he caused a pair of borrowed eyeglasses
to rise up from the table.  He then performed diminishing cards, and then had a selected card jump out of the deck. 
Denny concluded with a card routine involving multiple piles from a deck of cards, where chosen cards were to be discovered. 

In a very closely scored contest, contest senior judge Patrick ("Sir Patrick") Thernes announced that he and the other judges
(Frank Johnston and Chuck Arkin) awarded first place to Spencer Malone. 
Second place was awarded to Jason Smith, and third place was awarded to Paul Dalhot.

After the conclusion of the contest, we memorialized the event with group pictures, and encouraged everyone to attend Jeff McBride's upcoming magic show and workshop.

Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Arkin


IBM Ring 71 Officers

President: Don Hinton
Vice-President: Mickie Pyles
Treasurer: Pat Hartzel
Secretary: Chuck Arkin
Sgt. at Arms: Rick Gaffney
Board of Governors: Larry Payne, Ron Lawson, Frank Johnston, Mark Wiechman, Cinde Wolf

Good and Welfare: Mark Wiechman
Webmaster: Jeff Brown
Refreshments: Rick Gaffney
Newsletter Editor: Chuck Arkin

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