A Big Victory for
New Orleans

Dear Friend,
Today, on behalf of the people of New Orleans, a united Orleans Parish Delegation beat back an amendment to the House redistrcting plan by the Jefferson Parish House Delegation that would have decimated New Orleans' traditional neighborhoods and communities of interest.

Make no mistake: If this amendment had succeeded, New Orleans would have lost an additional House seat, above and beyond those we have already lost due to population decline. This would have further dilluted our voice in the Legislature for a decade.

Thanks to the tireless work by our House delegation and the overwhelming response from citizens like you, we were able to stop this amendment cold on the floor of the House. 

This is a great victory for our communities, our neighborhoods, and for our City. We showed that when New Orleans works with common purpose and shared spirit, anything is possible. 

But just as we celebrate this triumph today, we face another challenge tomorrow. A Louisiana Family Forum plan authored by Senator Elbert Guillory will be offered in the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee. This plan redraws the State Senate to the great detriment of New Orleans. If it were to be approved, the Family Forum's plan would eliminate two Senate seats in New Orleans, whereas the current apporved plan, SB1, would only eliminate one. Guillory's bill, SB27, will be heard in the Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs at 10am tomorrow morning.  I have reprinted the contact information for the committee in the column to the right of this email so you may contact Senator Guillory (at guillorye@legis.state.la.us) and the committee members and urge them to oppose SB27, the Louisiana Family Forum's State Senate plan. 

Thank you again for your calls and emails. Your passion made the difference in the House today. Let's do it again tomorrow, and show how strong a united and engaged New Orleans can be. 


Karen Carter Peterson
State Senator from District 5

Contact the Senate Government Affairs Committee:

Senator Robert W. Kostelka(Chairman)
(225) 342-2040

Senator David Heitmeier (Vice-Chairman)
(504) 361-6356 heitmeid@legis.state.la.us

Senator "Jody" Amedee  
(225) 644-1526 amedeej@legis.state.la.us

Senator Dan Claitor
(225) 765-0206

Senator Jack Donahue
(985) 727-7949

Senator Lydia P. Jackson
(318) 676-7029 jacksonl@legis.state.la.us

Senator Robert Marionneaux, Jr.
(225) 637-3623

Senator Edwin R. Murray
(504) 945-0042

Senator Mike Walsworth
(318) 396-5499

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