Day 14: Not all help is to benefit you alone.
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Today I learned...

Not all help is to benefit you alone.

I get a lot of help from my Siamese kitten. From jumping into the laundry baskets to supervising the litter box duties, she is an ever-present source of entertainment. I sometimes wish she'd "help" a little less, as I'd probably get a lot more done without her, but then I think about my my baby brother and my stepson.

Both boys loved to help me around the house when they were little. My brother would actually ask if he could do the dishes, can you imagine? My stepson's favorite thing to help me with was cracking the eggs for breakfast. Who was I to discourage them? Sure, I'd have to go back and redo the the dishes or pick the shells out of the mix most of the time - but the time we spent together was priceless.

Allowing them to help - even if it meant more work for me later - benefited both boys in ways that just doing it myself could never have.

Are there people in your life that need to help you, even if you don't need their help? Going it alone may prove more efficient, but what do you learn, what do you teach, and what memories do you create? Think about it next time someone's good intentions slow you down.

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