Day 21: Sometimes it really is the simplest answer.
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Today I learned...

Sometimes it really is the simplest answer.

My new lamp died. I was understandably upset, given that it was only a few weeks old. Sure, it wasn't expensive, but still...

I switched it on and off, on and off, and one more cycle just to make sure I wasn't nuts. Or to prove I was. It could go either way.

I checked the bulb. It didn't make that telltale rattly sound. It worked in another lamp, so that wasn't it.

I made sure that the wall switch was on - but that was connected to a different outlet, which lit up a different lamp.

I began the search for the receipt so that I could return it to the store, when I noticed something:

Oops. I'm not sure how it got unplugged, but the cat toy beneath it might have had something to do with it.

When was the last time you came up with some difficult solutions when the problem was simple? Sometimes it really is the simplest answer that works best.

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