Day 17: Play nice, even when you're upset.
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Today I learned...

Play nice, even when you're upset.

It was one of those days - we got up a little too late, had a little too much to do, and breakfast just wasn't an option. So, like any red-blooded American in a huge hurry, we swung through a drive-through and got breakfast and OJ on the run. How bad could it be?

Really bad.


Seriously, the round, meat-like substance that they labelled "sausage" was not worthy of the word "food." One bite and I lost my appetite. I tossed it and hoped that no unsuspecting vermin would stumble upon it. Even they don't deserve that.

Later that day, I looked at the 47-inch receipt (it would have been longer, but we only ordered 3 items). The lion's share was dedicated to one of those "How are we doing?" surveys, so I logged in and rated my experience.

The restaurant was clean, as far as I could tell from the car. The service was OK. The food rated a 1. But, only because 0 was not an option.

The next morning I received a call from a very nice gentleman who wanted to speak about my experience. We chatted like old friends and I relayed pretty much what I told you, above. He apologized. I told him it probably had nothing to do with his restaurant in particular, but more to do with the franchise's idea of "food product." I liked some of their other menu items, I would just be avoiding their breakfasts from now on.

He asked for my mailing address, and I gave it to him.

Today, I received a coupon for a full meal. Because I played nice, I not only got reimbursed, but I got a little bit more than what I actually ordered. Sweet.

I am a firm believer in honest feedback. But, I've also learned that things get fixed, replaced, or otherwise corrected if I'm nice about it. I even take the time to compliment good experiences, too.

Try this, both personally and professionally. See if you don't get more than you expected in return. Don't forget to try it on yourself.

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