Day 19: There is such thing as coincidence.
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Today I learned...

There is such thing as coincidence.

When was the last time you felt that the world was against you? That God, or the Universe, or whatever you do or don't believe in had his/her/its finger on the "smite" button and was gunning for you? It seemed that everything went wonky all at once. Why were you being picked on?

It could have been a coincidence. Stuff does just...happen. Might have nothing to do with you.

No one is out to get you. The reality is that the Universe (or God, or Dog, or whatever you want to call it) WANTS you to succeed. The natural state of nature is towards growth and strength, not failure. Otherwise, nothing new would be created.

Sometimes several things go horribly awry at once. Its not your fault. There is such a thing as coincidence. Otherwise, we wouldn't have a word for it.

Isn't it funny that, when things go wrong, it's because you're being picked on (or you deserve it), but when things go wonderful, it's coincidence (and you don't deserve it). A little backwards, are we?

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