Acknowledge your pain.
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Acknowledge your pain

I just bought a new office chair. Well, new to me. It is in really good condition and has all the knobs and levers one could hope for. Quite comfy. As I was working away, I kept feeling a tiny pain in the back of my thigh. Not too much, just enough to be uncomfortable if I thought about it. I could mostly ignore it. Finally, I put my hand under my leg to see if maybe I was sitting on something. Turns out, whoever fixed this chair left a nice little surprise: an upholstery nail sticking straight up through the seat!

Life sometimes hands you a lot of pain at once. Those are hard to ignore. Life also hands you little, sharp pains so small that you can will yourself to barely feel them. How many of these pains do you ignore when, if you just acknowledged them and looked into their origins, you could eliminate them all together? Some may take a little prying, as this nail did, but it sure feels better once it's gone!

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