Day 24: It will all work out, if you let it.
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Today I learned...

It will all work out, if you let it.

I somehow got volunchosen to be an actor in a play for a fundraiser. It's a lot of hard work for free, but it's for a good cause. Last night was our final dress rehearsal, this Sunday is The Big Day. The day before yesterday, I was not feeling very confident - most of the cast didn't know their lines. We are largely amateurs (there's a few pros in the mix, and I'm sure they are drinking heavily as we speak) and we're still tripping over things like missed cues, projection, finding the right side of the stage, and each other. In all, it's a big, fat, scary mess.

But, much like any wedding or major event - when push comes to shove, the lights go up and it all comes together. The audience has no idea how terrified we were just moments before. It all works out, maybe not as expected, but always for the best - quite often even better!

Why do we fight it?

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