Day 20: Nature will find a way.
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Today I learned...

Nature will find a way.

I have a shamrock that I got for my office last March. These things are meant to be decorative and not really last that long. Considering that I'm a potted plant hitman (people send their plants to me to die), I didn't expect much. It loved its sunny spot in the office, and then I left that job and brought it to my home office.

It was about a month later that I realized I had forgotten to water the danged thing. All the leaves had withered, most had fallen off. The soil was bone-dry. Only one little stalk had some semblance of life left. I figured I'd take it to the kitchen and give it a good watering, then see what happened. If I had killed it, I'd toss it in with all the other dead potted plants.

A week later (yes, I had forgotten about it again), I peeked in to see a tiny sprout poking out of the soil. I figured I'd water it again and see what the little guy did. He grew into a big, old shamrock! Sure, it was only one stem, where before there was an entire, flourishing plant - but I couldn't throw it away, it was still alive. After that one perished, another tiny sprout appeared.

Here it is January the following year, and my near-dead shamrock plant is still producing sprouts. Usually one at time, but it's eked along for nearly a year. Who knows what it would have done if I had taken better care of it?

Nature will find a way. Yes, it's a poached line from Jurassic Park, but it's not dinosaur survival I'm talking about. It's not even shamrock survival. I'm talking about personal nature.

Never give up. Never. Whatever it is that you desire, it will only happen if you continue to try. Imagine what you would have done if you had taken better care of yourself and nurtured your dreams. Your personal nature is to survive and succeed.

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