Day 26: Never dismiss the tools you have.
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Today I learned...

Never dismiss the tools you have.

Today was the day I finally got all my ducks in a row - title, bill of sale, insurance, smog test, VIN verification - and braved the DMV to register my recently acquired (far from new) car. After a 2-hour wait, I was the proud owner of brand new, shiny Nevada plates! It was too dark to install them right there in the parking lot of the DMV, so I pulled into a brightly lit gas station. The car had come with several much-needed things in the trunk: snow chains (almost had to use them on the drive down from Seattle), jumper cables, quart of oil, spare tire, and a small tool set. Surely there was a Phillips-head screwdriver in the toolbox.

Nope. It wasn't a tool set, it was a ratchet set. Nothing but sockets, which were useless for swapping out plates. I'd have to wait for daylight tomorrow and bring down a screwdriver from my toolbox at home. Phooey. I took a second look while pumping gas, I realized that the screws holding on the license plates had hex-shaped heads. Yes, a Phillips would have worked on them, but sockets would work, too. In fact, they'd work even better!

What tools/talents do you possess that you've dismissed? Beauty that's beneath the skin? Wisdom that comes out as creativity? Organizational skills that manifest as leadership?

Take another look. The tools you have on hand may not be what you thought you needed, but you may be able to do a better job with what you've already got.

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