Day 16: Good is the enemy of great.
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Today I learned...

Good is the enemy of great.

This is another quote from Fred Pryor's recent visit. He's so right. Our society has come to value mediocrity, all while crying that there's nothing great anymore. In fact, the level of "good" has spiraled down into just "good enough," if you're lucky you might get "meh." This is true in everything, from schooling to politics to movies to customer service. All areas in that, if we just cared a little and worked a little, we could be great.

The sad thing is, this trend is largely the result of a previous trend in which we're supposed to downplay our strengths and focus on our weaknesses. Why?

Another mentor, John Kinde, says to disregard the things you're not good at. Focus instead on the things you're good at and then work on them until you are so good that no one can touch you. When you're at the top of your profession, your weaknesses won't matter.

What are you good at, and have you settled for being good? Could you be great?

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