Day 8: Motivation = anticipation of achievement
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Today I learned...

Motivation = anticipation of achievement

Last night I had the great honor of attending a local NSA event (the speakers, not the spyers) with one of my heroes, Fred Pryor. He said many profound and wonderful things during our intimate session, but this one really resounded with me. I've always said that you must act, and motivation to continue will follow. If you wait for motivation, you'll never start. I still believe that, and Mr. Pryor's statement backs me up in this.

What does motivation mean to you?

Does it mean looking forward to the end result, what you will get when you are done with whatever You have set out to do?

Does it mean that you look forward to the challenge and are willing to put in the effort, no matter the outcome?

Does it mean you better do something or else face the consequences?

No matter how you define your motivation (and this can vary from task to task), the fact is that you are motivated by some sense of achievement. Something will happen. Something will get done. But, you have got to get started.

Mr. Pryor said that children exemplify this principle, and tend to be motivated to accomplish great things for one simple reason:

Nobody told them they couldn't do it.

What motivates you? Are you sure?

Fred Pryor and Melanie Hope

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