Apathy is more painful than any other emotion.
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Apathy is more painful than any other emotion.

Have you ever listened to music as you work? There is a program called Pandora that allows you to build a sort of radio station based on genre or artist and your likes. It asks you to give a thumbs up or down to individual songs, but will go on playing without your input. For a while, anyway. At some point, it will simply stop playing and ask, "are you still listening?" You have to let it know that you're still there. You can't just take it for granted forever, or it will assume you've left altogether. What's the point of playing music if no one is listening?

Who have you left wondering if you're still there? Are your relationships one-sided? Do you have a friend or relative that you never reach out to, even if you think of them now and then? Why?

Your apathy is painful. People only know you care if you tell them. So, pick up the phone, send a card, or simply let them know you're still there.

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